A hotel runs on reputation. Reputation is the only thing that keeps the profits of the hotel intact. However, there are a few things that can tarnish the reputation of the hotel whereby the hotel guests can encounter problems and that can cause the reputation of the hotel to plunge. One of the most important things that cause the reputation of a hotel to crash down is bad housekeeping issues.

Housekeeping is one of the most important things that keeps a hotel profitable.

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Why Is Hotel Housekeeping Important?

Housekeeping’s impact on the hotel’s reputation is immense and without a proper housekeeping team and housekeeping staff, the hospitality aspect of the hotel takes a skydive.

A hotel is just a building without the proper housekeeping team because the housekeeping team ensures that the hotel is well maintained. Also, the team should use cordless steam mop for better cleaning result.

Hospitality finance teaches us that profit is the driving force that keeps a hotel afloat, proper housekeeping ensures that the guests become recurring, thereby keeping the hotel profitable.

It is the job of the housekeeper and the housekeeping or maintenance group to ensure that this is maintained.

Common Housekeeping Issues That Can Drive Down Hotel Profits:


Toilets are one of the essential things of a hotel.  Depending on luxury properties or regular properties, people look at toilets and judge the entire hotel.

This is why keeping toilets clean is of the utmost essence. Having a clean toilet not only means clearing out the waste. But it also means other things.

Cleaning of the toilets should not only be cosmetic as problems with hotel housekeeping are usually associated with it. The cleaning should also be thorough.

You must hire the housekeeping services of such a company that should know how to clean toilets and the staff should be trained and groomed in such a way that they do the cleaning as if they are doing it for themselves.

There are small details that can affect the reputation of the hotel based on a toilet.

One of the most important things missed out on his hair in the toilet. Whenever we take a bath, it is quite common that hair gets stuck to the drain pipe’s grate.

However, seeing hair like that can make people not feel so good about the hotel as that can be regarded as quite dirty.

Therefore, the housekeeping services must not only make sure that the hotel toilets are clean and rubbed with disinfectant but other factors like hair stuck in the drain filter should also be cleaned.

Along with that, the toilet’s garbage bins must be emptied too but that goes without saying. Fortunately, it’s not something you should worry about if you’re staying in these apartments for rent in Eugene, OR.

Doors And Windows:

Housekeeping services of bad reputation usually get a bad reputation because they think that the hotel guests do notice the minute details.

However, this is wrong and false because hotel guests are paying to stay in the most comfortable place they can and they do notice everything.

Even the smallest details such as a fingerprint on a shiny surface in the hotel room do not miss the eye of a regular guest.

Therefore, the housekeeping services you are going to hire should make sure that all the glossy surfaces as well as all the other surfaces should be wiped down as clean as possible.

There are effective window cleaning liquids out there that do a very good job in not only cleaning the windows and glass for fingerprints and other substances but also making sure it is disinfected.

We are living in a post-pandemic society and hotel guests take notice of the smallest things therefore you must never miss out on any area.


Some of the hotels with the best reputation are also some of the hotels that always have excellent supplies and resupply philosophy.

This is one of the smallest ways and the cheapest ways you can increase the reputation of your hotel. It is to have the housekeeping staff always resupply all the necessary and complimentary amenities you are providing in the room.

Depending upon the class of hotel as well as the type of room, the housekeeping staff must make sure that all the supplies are always there and refilled.

Supplies can be the basic supplies such as soap and shampoo as well as toilet paper as well as they can be the complementary supplies like tea bags and coffee bags as well as candy.

This is where you must make sure that your hotel provides more than extra supplies as this can create one of the best impressions in the minds of the guests.

Hidden Trash:

Any housekeeping services company will tell you that they take care of dumping out the trash from the hotel rooms.

By that, they mean that they clear out the waste paper bins in the room. One thing they forget to mention is that there can be hidden trash.

While this is not usually noticed by the guest, you as the hotelier must never keep anything like this up to chance. Let us explain this with a scenario as an example. 

Imagine one of your guests liked eating gum and they happened to throw the gum wrapper under the bed.

Now imagine that room has been vacated and a new guest is staying there with their family, husband, wife, and child.

Now imagine the child’s ball rolls under the bed and this new guest reaches under the bed to get the ball and finds the gum wrapper left by the previous guest. This, although rare, can create a very bad reputation in the minds of the new guest.


If you are in the hospitality management industry, manners are the single most important aspect that you must be aware of.

 If there is something that the guest notices most, it is how they are being treated.

Some of the finest names in the hotel industry are hotels where the staffs are the politest and managers always go the extra mile to keep the guests happy.

If you have well-mannered housekeeping staff then that can make a great deal of difference in the outlook of the hotel.

If the housekeeping staff does not behave with courtesy or even politeness then you can be sure that the guests are not going to return to your hotel. And negative aspects like this spread like wildfire.

These were a few of the reasons and a few of the causes that can cause the hotel’s reputation to crash and thereby damaging its profits.

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