Martial arts is perhaps one of the best things invented for defending oneself against aggression. Be it counterattack to violent aggression or even understanding the opponents’ weakness, martial art (Krav Maga) is the simplest and most effective way a person can defend themselves.

Martial arts is different from other ways of defending for the fact that martial arts make use of the body’s natural movements and transform them into effective weapons.

Martial arts is not just about the body but also the mind’s intelligence and today we are going to learn about a special type of martial art that is used by the military and paramilitary commandos.

What Is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is perhaps the most modern iteration of an indigenous form of martial art that was designed upon necessity.

Martial arts have different origins and this type of martial art was developed in Israel in 1955 by Imi Lichtenfeld.

Krav Maga was specially designed from a combination of other types of martial arts such as boxing, Karate, Aikido, Judo, and wrestling.

Like every other martial art, this martial art was designed for a specific purpose and it was to be used for training paramilitary forces of Israel to defend their country.

Some people like to call Krav Maga the most practical form of martial art because it is a no-nonsense martial art that Special Forces use during high-intensity and extreme situations.

The Krav mindset is to not be the aggressor but when attacked, to finish the job quickly and move away from the situation. This makes Krav Maga a deadly practical martial art.  

Few Krav Maga Beginners Techniques:

Groin Kick:

As we mentioned, the philosophy of Krav Maga is not escalation but de-escalation. This will help you understand why you have decided to keep this as the first simple technique.

One of the most common ways that an attacker can approach you is from behind.  This is when you are the most vulnerable and you are not expecting an attack.

The groin kick is the fastest way to approach and counterattack in this situation. Krav Maga training will allow you to quickly respond to this type of attack and turn around and simply kick the groin of the attacking person.

As this is a military-style of martial art, this type of attack has been chosen so that it is easily able to diffuse the attacker and even make them senseless.

In order to carry on this attack, you simply need to turn around with all the quickness you can and then use your powerful or dominant leg to simply kick between the legs of the attacker.

You must make sure that you are not kicking with your toes as that does not have the maximum effect but with your shin as that will have the maximum effect.

You must make sure that you do this in a quick and swift motion so that the attacker does not simply have the time to react. 

This will have a divesting effect on the attacker and will neutralize them within seconds.  The effectiveness of this technique is quite the same as the effect of the dreaded kidney punch in boxing. 

The difference is that you do not need to be a professional boxer or Martial artist to perform this.

Straight Punch:

This is also one of the simplest defense techniques taught in Krav Maga.

Krav Maga is all about speed and agility and the simple desire to get the job done and move out of that tense situation. This is exactly what this type of self-defense is.

From the name of this technique, you might have understood what this means and it simply means that you have to punch hard into the face of your attackers.  

 But there are a few intestacies to this and mastering this can take a lot of practice.

This type of defense should only be initiated if your attacker is reaching out to hit you with their hand.

In this type of situation, you must use your non-dominant hand to block the attack and then punch your attacker not in the face but straight in the chin. 

You can also choose to hit the attacker in the nose but it is quite difficult to aim at that moment.

The key here is to not get hit in the face and use one of your arms to block the attack and then the punch is an addition because it stops the attacker from using their other hand to attack you.

The best part about this type of martial art is that all the chances and techniques have been thought and perfected over decades of military-level perfection.

Chokehold Or Bearhug Defence:

A chokehold or a bear hug from behind is one of the most frightening situations to be in. This is the moment where the attacker might have full control of your body.

But Krav Maga also as a solution for this,  this technique is going to be a bit on the professional side and the best thing to do is get a professional instructor to teach you the techniques and the also need to practice them a lot.

The simple basic concept here is to do with the center of gravity.  If your attacker manages to control your center of gravity then they can manage to control you.

You simply need to lower your center of gravity and you must squat down as fast as you feel a bear hug and that will lower your center of gravity.

This will have multiple effects and one of the effects will be that the attacker will be in a state of shock and surprise.

After you fall down you must move your legs shoulder-width apart and simply hit the groin of the attacker with your hand so that they can release the grip.

After they have released the grip you can then start hitting them with your elbow which is now going to be on the level of their abdomen.  Then you can choose between a straight punch or any other type of attack.

Head Attack:

Like all the other interesting scenarios, this type of defense is especially used when the attacker is holding on to your hands.

This is usually a common occurrence that the attacker might try to hold on to your hands so as to disable them.  At this moment you might think what can a person do?

Someone might even be holding your legs from behind or perhaps your legs are injured and cannot use them.

The option of legs also gets eliminated because the attacker is holding the hands and whenever you are trying to raise your leg, they can extend the hands so as not to come into the reach of the leg.

 At this moment there is only a simple solution and that is head but.  But you do not have to head but them in the head as that can cause you significant injuries.

You simply up to him for them to know and hit them as hard as you can.

The contact between their nose and your head will be that of your forehead so you can be assured that you won’t get much hurt from this.


So, this was the beginners’ guide to Krav Maga.  While this is a highly professional and specialized kind of martial art meant to be used by paratroopers, you can still try and learn this incredible martial art technique.  If you are someone who likes to be guided when they are trying to learn about karate training at home and fitness, then you are in the right place.  We are Martial Art Extreme (MAE) and we are India’s fastest growing online martial arts training program provider we will ensure that you get the best martial art training program and participate in it from anywhere you wish including your home.  We have a lot of courses to choose from and all our courses are digital.