Excuse me this is my room is one of the most popular manhwa series which has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Have you ever wondered how your life would feel if you got trapped in a room with your bully? Living hell, right?

That’s exactly what happened with the ML (main lead) of the story. Sharing the room with the bully, the life of ML takes exciting twists and turns making it a perfect blend of comedy, romance, and drama. 

So, if you’re short on keeping up with the series and can’t help reading the spoilers, this is the perfect place for you. In this article, we will explore the plot summary and existing and upcoming twists and turns of the manga series. 

Excuse Me This Is My Room: Story Synopsis

The ‘Excuse me this is my room’ manhwa revolves around a college student, Jinsoo who suffers from social awkwardness and remains withdrawn from others. His careless actions land him in trouble with the only option left to share the room with his high-school bully, Ahn Dajeong. 

With Dajeong being outgoing and Jinsoo being introverted, both characters possess sharply different personalities from each other. Their differences yet caring attitude towards each other sparks the beginning of the love-hate relationship. 

Characters Introduction

Characters are one of the most important features that carry the whole series and make it stand apart from its contemporaries. If you’re rethinking your choice of reading the ‘Excuse me this is my room’ manhwa, then you might want to take a look at its characters. 


Jinsoo is the male protagonist of the Manhwa series. He is a socially awkward and anxious college student who finds it difficult to communicate and make friends. 

Tall, handsome, and introverted are some of the words by which we can describe the character. He is socially withdrawn and likes keeping things to himself. Jinsoo spends his idle time investing which lands him in major trouble. 

Ahn Dajeong:

Ahn Dajeong is the female protagonist of the manhwa series. Unlike the ML of the manhwa ‘excuse me this is my room’, Dajeong is smart, charismatic, and outgoing. 

She often oversteps Jinsoo’s boundaries. Dajeong is a bit secretive, hiding secrets from the past and reluctant to share them with Jinsoo. Her blind trust in Jinsoo lands her in major trouble. 


Yeseul is Jinsoo’s colleague who works in the same supermarket. With long hair, a small face, and a curvy body, she’s one of the most beautiful female characters of the manhwa. She’s both outgoing and confident. Yeseul secretly likes Jinsoo and often encourages him to make more friends.

Plot Summary Of Excuse Me This Is My Room

The plot of Excuse Me This Is My Room Manhwa unravels the story of an introverted college student Jinsoo who is forced to share the apartment with his high-school bully, Dajeong. Both characters are opposite and share equal amounts of dislikes for each other. 

Despite their dislikes for each other, they tend to develop a close relationship with each other. However, Jinsoo is also involved with his supermarket colleague Yeseul and secretly likes her. As the story progresses, readers will witness Yeseul’s interest in him. Later, Jinsoo discovers some secrets of Dajeong’s past which has led her to develop emotional instability and shape her behavior.

Throughout the ‘Excuse me this is my room’ manhwa, the characters face various challenges like mental health issues, bullies, relationship troubles, and family problems. Nevertheless, they tend to overcome them together. The manhwa series presents a perfect blend of comedy, drama, and romance for the readers. 

What Themes To Expect From The Excuse Me This Is My Room Manhwa?

To discover whether a manhwa is worthwhile or not, it is important to consider its themes. Some themes showcased in the manhwa are as follows:

Erotic Romance:

The ‘excuse me this is my room’ manhwa theme focuses on the unexpected explicit romance between the two opposite leads. 


The manhwa has a humorous way of presenting the conflicting situation of co-existence in the same room. 


The manhwa uncovers the elements of mystery, suspense, and drama between the characters. 


The manhwa series also explores the theme of bonds of friendship, the struggle of life, and growth as individuals.  

Why Should I Read This Manhwa?

The ‘excuse me this is my room drama is one of the most entertaining Manhwa series. If you’re tired of reading complicated interconnected fictional manhwas and want a break, this is the perfect manga for you. It is one of those series that keeps you hooked with slow takes of romance and loads of humor and drama. 

Don’t confuse it with the classic fairytale romance Manhwas, the series stands apart from others in many ways. To begin with, the storyline of the series is unique and engaging which keeps you glued to your screens the whole time. The well-written and drawn characters, detailed art style, and interesting twists make it an excellent choice for manga enthusiasts.

Moreover, excuse me this is my room is an ecchi manhwa. The series is also available in an explicit version making it an idle choice for readers enjoying erotic rom-coms. However, readers below 18+ should enjoy the normal version as it is equally engaging. The manga has an outstanding balance of drama, romance, and comedy leaving the audience asking for more. 

Where To Read This Manga Series?

The manhwa series is easily accessible to read on most manhwa/webtoon sites and applications. One can find it on Tapas, Line Webtoon, Toomics, Mangabuddy, Comic Walker, MangaPark, MangaFox, and ComiXology. 

Although most manhwa webtoon sites offer the series for free, some might require a subscription fee to download and read it. One can enjoy either downloading or reading the manga hassle-freely on these sites.

Final Thoughts: 

In this article, we shed some light on the ‘excuse me this is my room’ manhwa series. Within a short span of release, the series has successfully made a special place in the hearts and minds of readers. The author displays the themes of friendship, struggles, drama, comedy, and romance through the manhwa series. 

Although the series has some explicit scenes, one can view them in the normal version. The series will take you on a comedy roller-coaster slowly pacing with the changes in the relationship. So, sit back and enjoy the series on a relaxing weekend!

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