As technology progresses, many brick-and-mortar services and physical products are joined (or even replaced) by virtual versions. Outside of business hours, ATMs can take the position of cashiers. Spam emails have evolved from junk mail. Even education has shifted to a digital format. Online High Schooling have been available for a long time, and the number of students enrolled in them grows every year. In 2017, 6.6 million students enrolled in some online education. However, some people may still have doubts regarding online Schooling or be concerned about frequent misconceptions.

Therefore, it is time to debunk all of these myths about online education. Online Schooling is not only efficient and cost-effective, but it is also challenging, engaging, and interactive. We are about to debunk the top online education myths to separate facts from the world of myths. If you have never tried online learning before, you might have preconceived notions about how it works. In addition to considering our online Schooling, the iCademy Middle East, one of the Best American Schools in Dubai, we encourage you to debunk the following top online Schooling misconceptions with us. We guarantee that it will assist you in selecting our online courses for your child.

Online Courses Do Not Provide Quality Education

The quality of online learning has always been a matter of concern. Now, stop for a second and think before your ego takes over. What exactly do we mean when we say “quality”? Is a course defined by the amount of money spent or the technology used? Is it all about the student experience and the results, or is it something else entirely?

In reality, the outcome has the most impact on us. Even though there have been intense arguments over the quality of online education that students and teachers have conflicted over, concerns have begun to fade. This is because various studies have found the same conclusion: online courses are equal to regular classroom courses in terms of quality. They are, in many situations, even better.

An online curriculum’s course content is comparable to that of a traditional classroom, complete with assignments and evaluation methods. However, the delivery channels are significantly more extensive. And they can cover a much higher level of contact than classroom programs can.

Face-to-Face Learning Is More Complex Than Online Learning

When you are at a face-to-face class, you can listen but not engage, allowing you to blend in. As a means of assessing learning in an online learning environment. You must participate in discussion board postings and collaborate with your peers.

Instructors Who Teach Online Spend Less Time Than Those Who Teach Face-to-Face

Online interaction between teachers and students is considerably different from face-to-face interaction. During a face-to-face education, there is more concentrated time in the seat. Online instructors lecture and communicate with students regularly, even on weekends, when most online students are engaged. Online teachers will tell you that teaching online takes more time than teaching the same course face-to-face, which can be a “wash and repeat” situation for each course.

The American School of Dubai Learning Coaches gives individualized training and face-to-face support to ensure that your kid understands their daily tasks and topic requirements. The iCademy Middle East delivers education at a level that allows all of our students to understand and manage our curriculum & it also provides a great platform for Homeschooling in U.A.E. When students initially begin their virtual learning experience, where independence and self-motivation are crucial, they might quickly feel overwhelmed. Our Learning Coaches serve as a critical link between your kid. And their online teachers, assisting them in their growth as independent learners.

Everything Will Be On My Own Time

Expect regular deadlines for assignments, comments, papers, exams, and – yes – the final exam in your online course. There are not just deadlines, but also frequently only a four-hour window in which you can take tests. This might be problematic for students who live in a different time zone or have an irregular work schedule. If this is the case, verify with the school. And the professor in question to ensure that you will not require to skip a night’s sleep to take an exam.

Employers Prefer Traditional Degrees To Online Schooling

There will always be dubious companies about online degrees. Just as there will always be people who are hesitant to make a payment or do their banking online. However, more than three-quarters of companies believe that online degrees are on pace with traditional schools in terms of quality. Some online degrees are more prestigious than others are, much as conventional institutions are. Check to see if your program is accredited and ask professionals. And persons with online human resources professionals how an online degree from a particular institution is considered. The quality of online courses is rising, and businesses and the academic community are taking notice. Before you enroll in any online program like our iCademy Middle East, dispel the misconceptions of the past by learning the facts.