Whether you are one of those enviably organized people who like to buy all of your Christmas presents ahead of time and to avoid the festive rush, or else are looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for a younger member of your family, you have most definitely clicked on the right article. Here are the top four gift ideas for college students, perfect for any occasion!

1. A Self-Care Pamper Hamper:

Between the partying and the studying (hopefully not in order of priority), it can often be difficult for college students to find the time and space to be able to enjoy some self-care time. As such, an ideal gift for the student in your life would be a self-care pamper hamper.

You could search your local bookshops for titles specifically aimed at students and are full of advice to take care of their emotional health and well-being, including a head massager or back massager, some beautiful smelling bath bombs, and a set of affirmation cards. 

2. Games to Play with Friends:

Especially if your loved one has only just started out on their college journey, choosing a more entertaining and frivolous gift idea will have the additional benefit of helping them to make new friends and find their place in their new social circle.

You could include a mixture of different games, from simple ones to be played at a moment’s notice and even more dramatic and time-consuming games such as a murder mystery night kit or a portable escape room set. Check out the huge range of board games and card games available from a myriad of suppliers online and on the high street. 

3. Snuggly Blankets for the Winter Months:

Part and parcel of student life is learning how to manage personal finances. Whether your loved one is sharing with friends while at college or else in a student dormitory, chances are they are ill-equipped to pay for the central heating to be constantly switched on.

This is why a perfect gift this Christmas, birthday, or even well, just because is one of the beautiful blankets made from clothes from reputable and renowned online stores. You could even contact your loved one’s parents and ask them to give you some of their old clothes they no longer wear, to give them a surprise definitely worth unwrapping. 

4. Stationery Supplies:

For a more practical gift for the person in your life who is enrolled in a college course, specifically if the subject is centered around English and literature and, therefore, involves a large amount of writing, you could consider putting together a supply of stationery. 

These days, a pen is no longer merely a pen, and you will be flabbergasted to see the huge range of different styles and aesthetics of pens, pencils, and highlighters available for your perusal. Pairing this new stationery set with a striking pencil case and a set of notebooks with a beautiful finish will make for a much appreciated and, what is more, absolutely necessary, gift this Christmas or birthday.