Looking for something inspiring? Want to get the perfect yet handy smartphone for your general use? Well, we have brought so many options your way. Honor Company is credited with launching such useful devices and other gadgets.

The HONOR Magic 5 Pro is one such device that is winning the hearts of many people with its incredible specifications and features. With these honor phones, you can find a good camera for an unforgettable photography experience.

This read is made on HONOR Magic 5 Pro and many other important phone aspects. Here you will find a bit about the overview and design of these honor phones. Let’s read more about this overview, design, and specifications.

An overview of HONOR Magic 5 Pro:

HONOR Magic 5 Pro is the latest tech creation by Honor Company. This phone comes in two beautiful color schemes such as meadow green and black. The whole design of these honor phones is in the form of a milky way. You will find a hole that is black in appearance at the center of this milky way.

What are the key specifications of HONOR Magic 5 Pro?

HONOR Magic 5 Pro has the following specifications that you will be reading now in detail. The chief specifications of this honored soon-to-be-coming phone are as follows.

  • The total weight of these phones, including their batteries, is around 219g. They are around 163 mm in height and 76.7mm in weight.
  • These phones come in big sizes, such as 6.81 inches in size. They have a maximum screen-to-body ratio which is around 92%. With such a big screen, your entertainment cannot be interrupted.
  • These honor phones will have a full-view display that is made of OLED screens. Their QUAD curved floating screens are made for extra support to these phones.
  • These honor phones come with Octa Core CPU processors. These processors are good for their three key navigations.
  • The operating system of these honor phones is made MagicOS 7.1, which is usually based on the Android 13 version.
  • These honor phones are made with 5000mAh to 5100mAh batteries that are durable and strong to handle extreme usage.
  • These phones have many sensors, such as gravity, compass, fingerprint, infrared, and many others. These sensors are used for different purposes, such as gravity is used for mapping exact locations.

What do you know about the design of the HONOR Magic 5 Pro?

Well, the design of these HONOR Magic 5 Pro is exceptional. Their display is featured with rounded corners. Their screens are floating curved that are made for extra support.

These phones are made with beautiful colors that are making these phones attractive.


The whole read is about the HONOR Magic 5 Pro phone that has yet to launch in world tech markets. All the specifications that are shared in this article clearly show that these phones will break the record of the previously launched phones because of their big sizes, huge display screens, camera features, long battery, and many other things.