We know that router plays an important role in providing a fast and reliable internet connection but unfortunately, they are susceptible to overheating. The primary reason you should be worried about your router is because it can pose several network issues.  

Most of the time your internet service providers do not offer good routers as their services are mediocre which can affect your internet activities at large. Therefore, you need to choose an ISP that offers reliable fast internet services and a quality router, which is not susceptible to heating.

If you are looking for such an ISP then we suggest you choose Clearwave Fiber. It not only offers reliable fiber-optic internet services but also an advanced router that ensures you get a fast internet connection. So, contact its customer support team and get started with its internet services today.  

But if you are not yet a Clearwave internet customer then give this blog a good read. In this, we have listed a few common reasons why router overheats. So, let’s jump in! 

Six Possible Causes of Router Overheating

Please know that if your router has some technical issues then you need to change it but in this blog, we have listed some causes of overheating. 

Hot Regions or Surroundings 

You should know that if you live in a hot place, which tends to have hot summers, then the room in which your router is kept can easily overheat. In addition, this mostly happens during summers when there is not much cool air or breeze in circulation to cool your electronic devices.

Therefore, you should consider this major factor before you complain about your sluggish internet connection. We suggest you install a cooling fan or keep your devices in a room, that is air-conditioned. 

Overworked Hardware

If your equipment is overused or experiences high network traffic every time, then it can cause the router to overheat. Please know that hardware malfunction or failure is a major reason why your router tends to overheat.

For instance, if you and your loved ones play games, stream high-definition content, or download large files at the peak hours then your router might not be able to handle this extent of internet load and you will face internet issues. 

Poor Design 

One major reason for the router overheating issues might be because of its poor design. For example, the manufacturer has not installed air vents or he has installed a low-quality chip that is unable to handle the electric load and gets hot and causes heat issues.

This is the primary reason you need to check the customer reviews of the router you are planning to buy. In addition, you can ask your internet service provider to provide you with a quality router or recommend which one you should buy. 

For example, some of the best routers that you can purchase are NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900, Motorola MD1600 VDSL2, Actiontec GT784WN DSL Modem Wireless Router, Smart Wi-Fi router, and several others. 

Clogged Air Vents

Wi-Fi routers have vents on both sides of it, which allows the hot air to flow out from the inside. The primary reason is that routers rely on passive cooling to control their internal temperatures. This entire process ensures the internal circuit stays cool.

This is the major reason that the vents get blocked as obstructions or dust can accumulate inside the enclosure, and then the router loses its ability to cool itself. Thus, it gets prone to overheating and causes internet issues.  

Excessive Heat from Wireless Devices

Please know that if you have multiple electronic devices in your house, such as refrigerators, cell phones, microwaves, radios, air conditioners, and so on then these devices easily contribute to router overheating issues.

Thus, you should ensure that your house has a proper ventilation system and do not keep your router close to the above-mentioned gadgets. Otherwise, you will constantly face internet issues. 

Outdated Equipment 

Most of us upgrade our speed tiers to ensure that we get a stable and consistent internet connection but we do not replace our routers because they are expensive and this is the major reason that our router overheats. For example, if you are using a router that is approximately ten to five years old, it will be a challenge for the device to keep up with the latest internet demands. 

Take Away

Please know that a router is the most important component of your internet connection and this is the reason you should take essential steps to ensure optimal network performance. In this blog we have listed some of the possible causes of router overheating, so next time if your internet connection gets poor then check it too.

So, if next time you notice any primary signs of overheating, you should take action to ensure you get a better internet connection.