Influencers gone wild is a new trend. It’s the new talk of the town and everyone is really concerned about it. Doing inappropriate things on camera for some likes and followers they are ready to go to any extent. 

In this period of the internet, it’s no surprise you can become a star overnight. This led to the beginning of the influencer era. These influencers are treated as celebrities and are becoming faces of many popular brands and lifestyles. 

With their popularity, they gain a lot of followers and profitable sponsorships. The influencers leave a great impact on other people. They influence millions of people and hold great power. 

People always try to follow the lifestyle of these influencers. However, not everything they do or show is good for their followers. It’s been a controversial issue for a few years now about them spreading inappropriate details about their lifestyle and products. The influencers gone wild on the internet is a great concern. 

Influencers are not just internet sensations anymore but they are considered celebrities. They are public figures who people follow and admire. An influence gone wild is a great concern as it not only affects his followers but also sponsors. 

Now it’s not hard to become famous but the main challenge is maintaining that fame. Here in this article let’s see some of the examples in which the influencers gone wild on camera for popularity. 

Fabricating Baby’s Lookalike Dolls And Selling

People couldn’t believe it when a very famous influencer family called the Ingham family decided to fabricate dolls that looked just like their four-month-old baby Jace. To do so they even contacted a doll-making company and the doll was manufactured and sold with a birth certificate and diapers. 

Even though some people were amazed by this idea some people found it unsettling. Some people were thrilled to have a fabrication of the baby Jace as a doll but others found it creepy. They didn’t like the idea of selling copies of dolls that looked like their baby. 

As a defence to the criticism the Ingham family got, Sarah Ingham, Jace’s mother said it’s not the exact copy of her child and she has no regrets about making money from those dolls and was satisfied with the result. 

Fake Proposal For Followers And Likes

One of the top stories of influencers gone.wild is fake marriage proposals. Gabriel Grossman and Marissa Fuchs were in the limelight for their unique and special proposal scavenger hunt. Before proposing they gave enough hints to their followers for three days. 

It didn’t take any time for people to realise their true motive behind this. People found it funny and as a medium of advertising themselves. They even said they don’t trust the couple. It became more controversial when Marissa said she didn’t have the idea that advertisers already knew it. 

Using Beauty Filters For Looking Beautiful And Younger

It’s no wonder people get attracted to beauty even if it’s fake. In the list of influencers gone wild Qiao Biluo lists at the top. Qiao Biluo also known as ‘Her Royal Highness Qiao Biluo’ is a Chinese social media influence

She was the talk of the town when her true self was revealed. Apparently, she used beauty filters to look young and beautiful. However, in July 2019, it was revealed that she is fifty-eight years old despite her youthful skin. 

After this, her fans were shocked and angry. Many of them stopped following her. People blamed her for tricking them and even called her grandma. This shows how these influencers deceive their followers for fame and money. 

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Deceiving People With Their Fake Age

People are curious to know what their favourite celebrities are up to every day. Danielle Cohn is one such person who influences people. People were always eager to know about her daily happenings and relationship status. 

However, when her dad revealed that she was just thirteen years old people couldn’t believe what they heard. He also said that is very concerned for his daughter as she dates older guys and wears very short dresses. 

This had an impact on her fans and the influence gone wild when her true age was revealed. However, Danielle said she liked doing this and wasn’t under any pressure as his dad’s reply. 

However, people were angry. It’s a lesson for children and their parents. They should look for what their kids are up to on social media and children should also learn to use social media appropriately. 

Fake Eating For Gaining Popularity:

Many influencers take up some food-eating challenges where they try to eat different cuisines in large quantities single-handedly. One such influencer became famous for eating a lot of delicious foods on camera. She became popular for her way of eating and even got a lot of requests to eat different kinds of food. 

However, people got suspicious when she posted her pictures online looking so slim and skinny. Some people made allegations that she ate those foods on camera but threw them after eating off camera. 

However, it’s not clear yet if it’s true as she never accepted those allegations. She finished all the food on camera but no one knows if she really threw them away or edited her videos to look like she was eating. 

Top Reasons Contributing To The Massive Popularity Of Influencers Gone Wild:

We often come across the stories of influencers gone wild for popularity and controversy. Some of the possible reasons for them to do so maybe

  • For gaining popularity- One of the top reasons for influencers gone.wild is popularity. In this massive world to stand out from the crowd some influencers think doing inappropriate things will help them. So to gain popularity they sometimes go beyond extent. 
  • For money and views- Another reason for this may be money. For money and views many influencers do wrong things. 


With the growing popularity of influencers on social media, there’s a rising question leading to the massive popularity of these influencers gone wild. It’s a great concern for the world. They must not do unfitting things. 

This has a negative impact on their followers and on the people who follow in their footsteps. They should not misuse their fame to promote inappropriate activities. 

Influencers should know the impact they hold on their followers with their doings and act wisely. People must also not believe anything they see on social media and be a little skeptical about the provided information.