Do you utilize a blog to enlighten your readers and market your products? You need to drive as much traffic as possible to your blog because it’s a crucial phase in every customer’s journey. Fortunately, you may use specific Instagram marketing tactics to increase traffic to your site. Use a variety of these strategies to grow your readership and improve traffic. Then, you may start accomplishing your marketing objectives.

Include a Link in Your Bio

As you may include a clickable link to your Instagram profile, think about including the URL of your blog. While you may advertise on the blog’s front page, it is more successful to promote individual entries. Your URL must be changed frequently, but doing so will help you focus your advertising.

But if the upgrading drives you crazy, you may utilize a third-party application to add more than one link. There will still be some updating required, but not nearly as frequently.

Include CTAs that Point Visitors to Your Blog

The next step is to write blog entries with solid calls to action to get readers to your site. This is why linking to specific blog pieces in your bio is crucial. By doing that, you may advertise a specific piece rather than your site as a whole. However, be careful not to use the same CTA again.

Readers won’t notice it if you do that. Instead, think outside the box when creating CTAs for your content. The words will stick out when you mix them up, which will help you obtain results.

Use beautiful pictures in your promotional posts.

Even when your blog is packed with helpful material, you must include eye-catching photographs while advertising it on Instagram. Create visuals that will cause people to pause and pay attention. They’ll be more inclined to follow the CTA’s instructions if you can stop them from scrolling.

Tease a Story Out with Pictures

While a single eye-catching image can increase traffic, spreading an article over several days will increase readership. Utilize the prominent image from your content first, then add a little teaser. Then, over the next few days, keep dropping more and more photographs.

Give each image a little additional context, but leave viewers wanting more. Remember that visitors to your blog may read the entire article. If you’re making feed posts, you should utilize a CTA once more to encourage them to check out your bio for the link.

Boost participation in promotional posts.

Instagram’s algorithm makes it difficult to get many people to notice your promotional posts, which is something you want to happen.

To reach a larger audience, you must produce a lot of engagement. To increase engagement, you must, however, buy real instagram likes. But there is a simple solution to this issue. Buy genuine likes for each Instagram post you use to promote your blog.

After that, as your engagement metrics rise, Instagram’s algorithm will display your post to more users. Without putting in a lot of effort, this will help you increase the exposure for your site.

Enhance Stories using Link Stickers.

Did you know you might advertise your blog by adding link stickers to your Stories? This function was once restricted to specific accounts, but now anybody may use it. Make a teaser slide for your content first. The story sticker should then be added to link to that particular post.

People who swipe up will visit your blog. Do you struggle to get people to read your Stories? By utilizing Canva, VSCO, and other tools, you can improve your Stories.

Linked Stories to be Saved as Highlights

After 24 hours, Stories are supposed to vanish unless you add them to your Highlights. The link stickers you save to your account’s Highlights for Stories still work, which is a blessing. Choose a variety of blog articles to promote in your Highlights album in the future.

Then, when someone visits your page, they may swipe up to access your blog by clicking on the Highlights. This will give your Stories far longer shelf lives and allow them to keep bringing readers to your blog.

Give Away Some Information Live

Another excellent technique for advertising your site is Instagram Live. Pick one of your best blog entries to start with. After that, conduct a live video to discuss the topics you covered in that post. You don’t have to go into the details of the article; offer a summary. Then, you may refer folks to your blog so they can read more.

Start a paid marketing campaign.

Consider launching a sponsored Instagram advertising campaign if you have some spare cash. Links may be added to your campaign to encourage users to swipe up and visit your blog. Make sure you can monetize the audience who visits your blog before launching your campaign. If not, you’ll wind up losing money rather than making it. Including a registration list on your blog is one method.

After that, you can gather email addresses for marketing purposes. Promote articles that mention products as an additional strategy. The articles should include links to your items so readers can order them without browsing your website.

When using this tactic, monitor the analytics to ascertain the return on investment. It might be a helpful approach to market your blog if you’re making money or breaking even. However, you should consider other choices if you invest much money in the project without seeing any returns.


When marketing your blog on Instagram, avoid going overboard. You don’t want to bombard your followers with promotional posts, driving them away. Work gradually to increase your readership. Provide value on your blog and Instagram simultaneously to enhance user experience.

Then, your readers and followers will be content. Additionally, some satisfied customers can spread the word about your blog to their friends and relatives as brand ambassadors.