Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is a beauty with brains. Being a star kid, or sibling is always the best fortune ever. No matter what, you come into the spotlight of the media. But this is not always the same with every celebrity’s family. Sometimes, kids or siblings, like Kaylee come into the limelight due to her talent.

But those talents are somewhere left hidden in the shadows of the particular celebrity. The media houses publish them, as a showcase, for enjoyment purposes sometimes. What they don’t see is that they too need personal space.

However, keeping these things aside, we see Kaylee, as the most brilliant personality in her own way. Not because of anyone’s shadow, she made her own fan base among the public. So, let’s have a look at her details.

Who Is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman?       

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is a famous American celebrity sibling, who was born in 2003 in California, United States. She is the youngest sister of popular American star Zendaya.

Zendaya is a very popular actress as well as an American singer. Her full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman.

Kaylee faced lots of ups and downs in her life. Being a sibling of such a popular celebrity makes it hard to keep personal activities away from the public.

However, Kaylee has learned to handle these things and is doing well in her life.

Short Wiki:      

  • Name:-  Kaylee Stoermer Coleman
  • Date Of Birth:- Not available officially, but it is assumed to be on 4 October 2003.
  • Place Of Birth:- Oakland, California, United States.
  • Mother’s Name:-  Clair Stoermer
  • Father’s Name:-  Kazembe Ajamu Coleman
  • Number of Siblings:-  5 Siblings
  • Siblings Name:-  Two brothers Austin Coleman, and Julien Coleman, and three sisters Annabella Coleman, Katianna Coleman, and Zendaya Stoermer Coleman.
  • Relationships:- As per reports, there have not been any statements made regarding her relationships. She is just 19th and is believed to be focused on her studies and career.
  • Occupation: Currently a student in High School in the United States. Not much is available about her studies on the internet, as Kaylee keeps her personal information secret. 
  • Height:- 5 ft and 4 inches
  • Age:- 19 years
  • Famous As:- Zendaya Stoermer’s sister
  • Gender:- Female
  • Nationality:- American
  • Weight:- Specifically, not known
  • Social Media:- She is not much active on social media, and only has an Instagram account.      


The father of Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, who is an African-American of Arkansas. He is a CEO at KZC Entertainment and is doing well in his field. While her mother is Clair Stoermer.

Kaylee is famous because of her sister Zendaya Maree. Zendaya is a famous star, who appeared in Spiderman series, and is one of the most popular Hollywood stars. She also did the Shake It Up sitcom series and many more such shows.

Moreover, it is officially declared and known that Kaylee has 5 siblings, who are two brothers Austin Stoermer Coleman, and Julien Stoermer Coleman, and three sisters named Annabella Stoermer Coleman, Katianna Stoermer Coleman, and Zendaya Stoermer Coleman.

In all of these, Zendaya is her own sister from the same mother. While the others are stepbrothers and stepsisters. Katianna Stoermer is also a role model and an inspiration for Kaylee.

However, other than these profiles, there is not much information about the Kaylee Stoermer Coleman family. When we get a reliable source, we will definitely update you with all the necessary information.   

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Age:

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman celebrates her birthday on the 4th of October every year. She was born in the year, 2003. And till now in 2022, she has celebrated her 19th birthday with her family and sister Zendaya. She is also considered the youngest popular kid in Hollywood.

Personal Life: 

Kaylee is a mind-blowing person, and she is the most loved daughter of her parents. She is now pursuing her studies and is believed, she is very talented compared to her sisters.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman has many friends at home and school. This shows she keeps her bond very clear, and values other people too. She also believes in living her childhood memories. Kaylee keeps the connection with friends and siblings very strong and genuine.

She loves to spend time with her family, mostly her favorite sister Zendaya Maree. Though Kaylee does not have any social media account, in Instagram posts of Zendaya, she is often seen with her.

With a cheerful smile on her face, she always poses elegantly for photos.  Once, during the Halloween Album Takeover, she was seen with her sister Zendaya on the red carpet of TCL Chinese Theatre for Michael Jackson Screen Album.

Social Media:  

Kaylee keeps her life very secret, and private. There is no information about her love life or any personal details. She is young, enthusiastic, and focused on her career and studies. Therefore, she is away from social media and has no official account on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

However, it is rumored that she is on Instagram with some other name, but it is not officially declared by any of her family members.

But Kaylee Stoermer Coleman has been seen the Instagram posts of Zendaya her sister, and some time on her parent’s accounts. Zendaya is currently dating Tom in Holland, however, it can also be simply rumored information.   

Net Worth:      

Currently, Kaylee is pursuing her higher education and is not involved in any earning activity. As she is not working for anything, she has nothing of her own to say.

But being the daughter of her wonderful parents, and her amazing extraordinary sister Zendaya, she has much more than expected.

Zendaya has 15 million dollars of net worth in 2021, and it is increasing day by day. Therefore, being the sister of such a wonderful personality, we can say that Kaylee Stoermer Coleman has enough net worth than she ever estimated.

Bottom Line:   

Kaylee is a very lovely and respectful personality. She belongs to one of those categories, where people feel lucky to be the spouse, kid, or sibling of a great star.

Kaylee Stoermer has a sister, Zendaya Maree, who is the most popular actress, model, and singer in Hollywood. She has been praised for her work in the Spiderman series. Moreover, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman finds her sister, as her inspiration.

And she is following the path of her elder sister, and will soon come into the spotlight of the Hollywood industry. She can be the rising star of Hollywood.

So, in this blog, we added almost every detail of Kaylee Stoermer Coleman. For more updates, stay tuned with us.


Q. How Old Is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman?

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is 19 years old. She was born on 4th October 2003.

Q. How many siblings does Kaylee Stoermer Coleman have?

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman has 5 siblings, who are two brothers Austin Coleman, and Julien Coleman and three sisters named Annabella Coleman, Katianna Coleman, and Zendaya Stoermer Coleman.

Q. Why is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman famous?

She is famous because she is Zendaya Stoermer’s sister.

Q. Who are the parents of Kaylee Stoermer Coleman?

The father of Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is  Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, who is an African-American of Arkansas. He is a CEO at KZC entertainment and is doing well in his field. While her mother is Clair Stoermer.