Since August 2021, the best-breaking news reporter working as a Washington examiner is Misty Severi. With her specialized skill, dedication, knowledge, and hard work, Misty has been identified as the leading breaking news reporter. She has a particular skill of sharing information in a unique, exciting, and intriguing form.

Misty belongs to southern California, where she has completed her education as well. She has a degree in history and media from California Baptist University. She completed her graduation in 2021 and then ranked among the top most well-known reporters. This article will be an in-depth discussion of Misty’s early life dedication and achievements.

Who is Misty Severi?

Misty belonged to a middle-class family and lived a basic lifestyle. Since childhood, Misty has had a great interest in reporting and has been dedicated to becoming a top person in the field of journalism. She pursued her education in history and media and graduated in May 2021 to pursue her dream career. 

Soon after Misty graduated, she started working as a reporter, and within three months of her hard work, she saw success at a very young age. In August 2021, Misty Severi was awarded the best reporter award in the country. She is truthful in all aspects of journalism and always curious to know what’s happening globally. 

What Made Misty Severi A Top Journalist?

Misty was always interested in journalism, even when she worked in a restaurant earlier to get financial assistance. Misty’s dedication and willpower made her one of the most successful people in the field within a short period. She completed her education with complete honesty and bagged a great job opportunity upon graduating.

Severi dedicated herself to improving her knowledge of journalism and worked long hours to strengthen her skills. Misty has a unique and creative way of delivering stories, which makes her stand out from all others. She delivers the tales in such a way that the audience gets engaged and starts relating to the storyline. 

Misty Severi has been reporting side-wise since 2017 while pursuing her degree in journalism. Her vision was very clear about giving her best and becoming a well-recognized journal in the country. She is simply talented at shading light on tales, and with her knowledge, she makes them appear precisely and appropriately.

Misty is also multi-talented, which makes her the best at many things. She has also worked on videos with News for about three months. She has freelanced for Raincross Gazette, which was also a news organization, for almost half a year. Misty also worked for The College Fix and The Associated Press as a freelancer. 

Misty also worked as the head news writer for Banner Publication before getting her degree. Misty’s notable works include covering topics such as the rise of women in politics, homelessness in riverside, and survivors of the Las Vegas Massacre. Her potential to work on all grounds has helped her gain a significant mark in journalism.

What Are Misty Severi’s Unique Skills?

Misty Severi is capable of doing many things, which include photography, speaking in public, writing well, and handling multiple tasks at once. She has been working in all the fields of journalism but also worked as a waitress in a restaurant at an early age. Misty has been committing to everything she has worked for and always gives her best.

She has worked at various places, which has helped her gain experience and expand her knowledge. Misty also has endorsements that helped her improve her skills in news writing, photography, breaking news, and facing cameras with confidence. She often gets sent to conversations with her audience online and motivates them towards achieving their dream.

What Are The Achievements Of Misty Severi?

Misty was a good student throughout outer school and even graduated with honors, securing high grades from California Baptist University. Lancer Media Group acknowledged her in April 2021 because of her excellent reporting skills and an article about a protest in the riverside, which she worked on while pursuing graduation.

In August 2021, Misty got her name on the trophy for best-breaking news at the California College Media Association Awards. During that time, she was working on the riverside and even helping to run a website. Later on, she got second place for the best website development at the CCMA awards in the same year.

Misty Severi has ideas about graphics as well, which made her win third place for an infographic about the 2020 election in the CCMA awards. The infographic is a unique guide for students about the details of the election ballots. Today, Misty is a freelancer for graphics, which has helped her with great success. 

There is even more in the list of achievements made by Misty. So, in February 2020, the website Misty managed for CBU’s Banner won 1st position among smaller colleges at the California College Media Association awards for the Best Newspaper Website. Many more achievements are waiting for Misty in the future.

What Is The Future Of Misty Severi?

Well, the future of Misty Severi is still being determined as she is multi-talented and has worked on every skill equally. Based on Misty’s journey so far, we can make some assumptions about her future preferences. We can state that Misty will have a great future in journalism, especially in reporting breaking news.

Misty once expressed her dream about covering political news about Capitol Hill, The White House, and National Security can be assumed to come true. The talent, hardworking skill, and dedication Misty has for informing everything two people about what’s happening can help her become a respected journalist in the world of politics.

Well, the performance Misty has given for storytelling, especially about the BLM protest, could set her apart in the world of news. Misty’s career in journalism looks promising as she acquired a high position of success at a young age, and she is still going on. She will grow in the future and have a significant impact on how people get to hear the breaking news.


Misty Severi is a well-recognized and hardworking breaking news reporter in Southern California. Even though she belonged to a small village, her dreams were more significant, which eventually made her taste successful. Her unique way of conveying stories creates a massive impact on viewers.

Misty’s unique skills and hard work have made her stand out among all the journalists in the field. She is very bold in reporting everything, whether it be a local issue, corporate scandal, or any other issue. Overall, she is one of the most successful journalists all around the world.

Does Misty cover high-profile events?

Yes, Misty has covered multiple high-profile events in her career and hopes to do so in the future.

What inspired Misty Severi to pursue her career in journalism?

Misty always wanted to uncover the truth and inform people about everything going on in the world. Her confidence, dedication, and perseverance helped her make a career in journalism.

What book has Misty written?

Misty has published two bestselling books that are “You Are Enough in 2019” and “More Than Enough in 2021”. Both focus on building women’s confidence through self-love practices.

What are Misty’s mantras for success?

“You are enough” is Misty’s Mantra that encourages self-love and worth. She always accepted and appreciated what she had rather than starving for unrealistic things, and she eventually made it to become the best breaking news reporter.

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