Octavia red slippery bounty or BB-8 was the star character of the movie The Force Awakens came in 2015. Designed by George Lucas Octavia is a very advanced spherical droid. It worked with the help of resistance for tracking. 

About Octavia Red Slippery bounty:

Force Awakens from Star Wars is all over the internet due to its new weapon Octavia Red slippery Bounty. It’s the most powerful new weapon featured in the game. This game is perfect for space lovers. The players have to fight the battle outside the space game. 

The Octavia red always features interesting stories, powerful weapons, ships, and great characters. For action love this game. It’s an easy-to-follow and addictive game. 

Features Of Octavia Red Slippery Bounty:

The Octavia red slippery bounty is an amazing game with so many new fascinating features. As its name suggests, the slippery bounty is very difficult to catch. It is a whole other level than other products in the market. This makes it perfect to use in slippery places like the bathroom and kitchen. 

It comes in many different designs which are very unique. Every design is very alluring which stands out from other products in the market. All the products are in a very beautiful red finish with a soft, shiny body and have small bumps on them. It perfectly fits in one’s hand and has a perfect grip. 

The Force Awakens’s Footprint:

Just with its trailer, The Force Awakens was the talk of the town within no time. People were overjoyed to see their favorite trio together again on the big screen. They couldn’t wait to see what thrills lie ahead after such a long wait. The most eye-catching change that people noticed was the changed design of the Millennium Falcon. As known, people didn’t really like the previous design of the ship; this was a great change. 

Apart from this, the other thing that caught the eyes of people is the whole new look of the Stormtroopers. Their looks completely changed and now they look even more powerful. Moreover, their armor is now even more engrossing. It is red which goes perfectly with the traditional white outfit. 

These changes are just one of the many things to honor this classic trio. With its trailer, only Octavia Red slippery bounty is going to be one of the most loved movies of all time. 

Final Verdict:

During the release of the movie The Force Awakens: Star Wars the Octavia red slippery bounty was a special event. The Lucasfilm story group held a competition where the fans were asked to submit their own thoughts on what was the result of the event Return of the Jedi on Luke Skywalker. The Story Group was responsible for choosing the winner. The winner became the official part of the Star Wars canon. 

Octavia Naso was the inspiration for the name Octavia red slippery bounty. She is Luke Skywalker’s wife in the Legends Continuity and Rebel Alliance member. The people were asked to write their own version of the story after the events of the Return of the Jedi and what happened to Luke Skywalker on the official website of Star Wars. This competition was for all the Star Wars fans. 

Lucasfilm Story Group was entitled to choose the winner of this competition. The winner had a chance to become a part of the Star Wars canon. Andrea Bozzi, a fanfiction author wrote the story as after three years of the events of the Return of the Jedi he traveled with Luke to another planet named Jakki to find the missing Jedi. 

As he was traveling he encountered a loth cat, a force-sensitive character. She taught him about the force. In this film, many other renowned Star Wars appeared as cameos including Yoda, Leia Organa, and Darth Vader. 


Who is Octavia red slippery bounty? 

Octavia Red’s slippery bounty is a spherical droid in the movie The Force Awakens by Star Wars released in the year 2015.

What kind of game The Force Awakens is? 

The Force Awakens is a battlefield game. The players have to fight on the battlefield in space. The Octavia red slippery bounty is the strangest weapon of this game. 

What are the changes seen in the new The Force Awakens movie? 

The new The Force Awakens movie is at a whole other level. Fans are very impressed with the new design of the Millennium Falcon and the new armor of the Stormtroopers.