Heard of Im not that kind of talent? It’s an ongoing Korean manhwa. This science fiction fantasy webcomic has a very quirky and intriguing storyline. The fascinating plot of this manhwa has been the talk of the town among manhwa enthusiasts since its release. 

Imagine ending up becoming the right-hand man of the demon king despite being a human in a fantasy world. It will be very thrilling and adventurous right? However, it’s not the case for our male protagonist. So what’s the real reason and why he ended up in this situation? 

Are you also curious to know? Then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we provide you with everything you need to know about Im Not That Kind Of Talent. 

About Im Not That Kind Of Talent:

Im not that kind of talent manga is a fantasy sci-fi series written by Denphy. It’s also adopted and published by Yonder as a Korean manhwa. It’s still an ongoing webcomic and gets updates on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This manhwa is published in different languages including Korean and English. The genre of this manhwa is action, fantasy, fiction, and comedy. It’s a roller coaster of thrill and excitement. 

Characters Introduction Of Im Not That Kind Of Talent:

I’m Not That Kind Of Talent has one of the most engaging, charismatic, and well-defined characters. 

Demon Arut:

Demon Arut or Deon Hart is the main protagonist of Im not that kind of talent novel. Despite the demon in his name, he is a young human. He has quite charming characteristics including fair skin with silver shiny hair and crimson-red eyes. 

Demon King: 

The demon king is a handsome head of the demonic realm. He is tall with ash-black hair and black hazel eyes. Despite being the strongest among the demons he is quite soft and very fond of Demon Arut. 

Zero Corps Commander Aide Ed:

Zero Corps Commander Aide Ed is also a demon and the head of the Zero Corps troops. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a supporting character and also the only friend of Arut. 

Plot Of Im Not That Kind Of Talent:

Im not that kind of talent is a very interesting and captivating manhwa. The story begins with a plot twist. There was an ongoing war between the humans and demons. Just like some typical stories, there is a demon king and a hero among the humans. However, the end of this war was different as in place of the demon king the hero got killed. So who killed the hero and why? 

The hero got killed by a human named Arut. Doing so he impressed the demon king and he offered him to join the demons as his right-hand man. To save his life he accepted the offer. 

Despite killing the hero and becoming one of Demon King’s men he always claimed Im not that kind of talent. He also claimed he was a weak person who was born with a disease. So he was very terrified and wanted to resign from the position of commander in the demon troops. 

Im Not That Kind Of Talent Spoilers:

Real Identity:

Demon Arut or Deon Hart was regarded as the strongest human among the demons. However, that wasn’t the truth. He was a weak person born with a weak body. He always coughs blood as he was born with a disease. The demons thought he was very strong because he killed the hero and he also accepted it to save his life from the demon king. 

The Hidden Truth:

Im not that kind of talent chapter 9 has the truth behind the misconception between the demons and Arut. He didn’t kill the hero, rather he was with him in the war. However to check if the war is over he accidentally encountered a demon commander. 

They slipped from a cliff and the demon died. Nevertheless, Arut was in the demon territory by then. Their hero and demon king were fighting. As the hero was about to die he decided to transfer his power to Arut. 

So it looked like he killed the hero. The demon king thought he was very strong and offered to join his troops. To save his neck he accepted the offer. The Im not that kind talent chapter 9 is the heart of this manga. To know what happened next read this manhwa.

Where Can One Read I’m Not That Kind Of Talent For Free? 

“Im not that kind of talent” is a very alluring ongoing manhwa. So people are looking for where to read it. Manhwa enthusiasts can search online for this manhwa. There are several websites on which this manhwa is available for free. These sites update the new chapters right when it is released. Individuals can even read it in their preferred language like English or Korean from these websites. 

Is It Worth Reading Im Not That Kind Of Talent? 

Im not that kind of talent manga is a very captivating and quirky manhwa. It’s perfect for sci-fi fantasy lovers. Unlike other manhwas, it has a very difficult plot. It’s written in a very simple and easy-to-understand language with a marvelous portrait of characters. Every manga enthusiast must read this manhwa for a new experience. 


I’m not that kind of talent is a fantasy science fiction ongoing manhwa. It’s a very intriguing and captivating manhwa with a lot of twists and turns. It has a very difficult and unique plot. It’s a perfect blend of action, drama, comedy and fantasy. The story of a boy named Arut who despite being a weak person was the head of the demon troop. The demon king mistook him as a very strong human. 

It will be very interesting to know how he will make his way out of the demonic realm and save his life. To know all these do read Im not that kind of talent. 

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