Gojek Clone App is quintessentially the blood running through the veins of the on-demand business service industry. It is a living icon in the digital realm of putting customers and their needs up on a pedestal. And this forms the core of their driving force for curating features like ‘Item Name Searching’, ‘GDPR compliant Cookies’, ‘Live Tracking details of the Services Providers’, to name a few.

Browsing has become a cakewalk now! How?

A search icon has been designed and put right on the top of the App screen to facilitate keyword browsing. Just punch in the name of the service or the product you want in the search tab and get accurate results instantly. Now the customers no longer have to keep endlessly scrolling down the App until they find the Service of their need. They earlier dreaded this painstaking process of going through 70 plus services one by one before they could locate ‘the one’.

GDPR Law Compliant Cookies protects your online privacy rights

The European Union had enacted General Data Protection Regulation Law back in 2018 to protect the online privacy rights of the customers in the EU. But now every nation is taking inspiration from this EU – GDPR model of protecting the online data of the customers. The horror of having one’s personal details and browsing history stolen is real and many companies are doing it with grave audacity. But Apps like Gojek are the Superheroes you can blindly fall back on in times of distress. A GDPR compliant Cookie Consent will pop up on your App’s website that will ask the User for permission to store the browsing history. And before leaving the website, this Cookie Consent bar will pop up again asking the User if it wants to delete website data collected by them or the browsing history.

Taxi Drivers have to wear a face mask at any cost before starting the Ride

Taxi Drivers have to undergo a Face Mask Verification process before they can start the Ride. They have to take selfies of themselves with the face mask on and upload it on the App. The App Owner then verifies it by logging into the Admin Panel and giving it a go-ahead. This step is mandatory and helps in ensuring one’s highest safety standards to curb the further spread of Covid-19. Multiple vaccines are now being mass-produced to help strengthen the fight against this novel-coronavirus. But despite the potency of these vaccines to immunize you, you might still contract it even after having two doses of vaccination. This is why covering your face with a piece of cloth or a surgical face mask is a must before stepping out of the house. This is your only legit shield against this virus because it is an air-borne contagious illness.

Track your Service Providers in Real-Time

Now your customers can get live-tracking details of the Service Providers with this feature. Customers will get in-app push notifications to keep them constantly updated. Interactive graphical icons are used to communicate the exact status of the Service Provider. These icons will tell you when the trip has started, on-route. And when the destination has been reached for Taxi Rides. This feature is also used to track the services of beauticians-on-demand, parcel delivery executives, Restaurant food orders, and Delivery Runners. It is because of this transparency and clear communication that this app has received tremendous support and love.

Provide Voice Notes to your Delivery Drivers to help with the navigation

Customers can now record Voice Instructions for the Delivery Drivers and upload them on the app. This feature comes in handy when your customer has placed an online prepaid order. And now can tell the driver where to leave the package. It has facilitated smooth contactless deliveries magnificently. What’s more, the Delivery Driver can listen to the audio while he is using a navigation app to locate the Pick-Up/Drop location. These Voice Notes can also include instructions to the Delivery Drivers about choked streets to avoid. And where to park their two-wheelers.


Gojek Clone App has astounded everyone by developing such groundbreaking features that are easy to use yet complex to develop. One such example is the Taxi Booking iWatch App that allows users to book taxis using their Apple smart-watches.