It’s not necessary to limit the celebrations of Raksha Bandhan to just brothers. A celebration is much more jubilant and joyful when you take part in making all those important members of the family a part of the Rakhi Gifting ceremony.

So if you are among the lucky few blessed with an elaborate extension of close family, as your nephew and sister-in-law, you may want to create the perfect Rakhi gift hamper that truly embodies the spirit of Raksha Bandhan and the sacredness of Rakhi thread evident in bringing out the best in us during celebrations.

So, keep your enthusiasm as we prepare a unique list of memorable Rakhi gift hampers for you. The list comprises 6 uniquely personalised gift hampers that are sure to touch the hearts of your loved ones.

1. Bhaiya Bhabhi Mugs, Meenakari Rakhi with Dried Fruits:

The Couple Rakhi Hamper is a special gift designed to celebrate the many joys of being close to your bhai-bhabhi. Meenakari design is an exquisite art form that requires a delicate balance and a perfect sequence of vivid colours in both the rich embellished Amulet in a set of 2 rakhis of Lumba Rakhi and Bhai Rakhi bound in a sacred thread. 

When this set of 2 combined with a pair of mugs and health-beneficial dried fruits, this hamper becomes a heartfelt token of appreciation and gratitude that will indeed find a place in their hearts.

2. Set of 5 Alluring Rakhi with Rasgulla Hamper:

The abundance of bliss radiates with sheer delight in this lovely set of 4-5 Sealed Online Rakhi. The beautiful stone cutting polishes the crystal into an enchanting tale of muse for those receiving the dainty-looking knotted beads of the Rakhi Set.

With just one pristine bite into a spongy rasgulla, you’ll experience a unique texture that’s hard to forget. These tender and delicate balls are popular for their spongy texture and are immersed in sugar syrup with a hint of cardamom, making them a regal flavour of traditional milk-based sweets. Indian families abroad are known to enjoy this sweet delicacy.

3. Golden and Swastik Rakhi with Exotic Chocolates:

In Indian Tradition, the word “Swarna” refers to the precious metal Gold, which is characterized by a shimmering metallic yellow colour. This colour is associated with the sun and symbolizes prosperity. You can find auspicious gold rakhi while shopping for online rakhi. The precious metal holds strong value and is often used to carve extraordinary motifs of Devas (i.e. Deities).

The Swastik symbol is paired with Bournville and Hershey’s dark chocolate to deliver a delicious and intense experience wrapped in layers of exotic flavours.

4. Set of 3 Rakhi with Ganesh Idol and Hot Flask Hamper:

Lord Ganesha, revered as the remover of obstacles and the bestower of wisdom and prosperity, holds a significant place in Hindu culture. His spirituality is deeply rooted in the simplistic tradition that seeks to harmonize with the soil and the waters of the earth. 

The act of gifting clay idols, often adorned with gold, silver, or vibrant colours, symbolizes a new beginning, a fresh start in life. 

Spread the ravishing relief of new cycles to stay set for changing seasons. One of the best things about gifting thermal flasks is their versatility. They keep hot drinks hot in the winter and cold drinks cold in the summer.

5. Auspicious Silver Rakhi with Roli Chawal and Foxnuts:

These exquisite metals are a stunning embodiment of beauty and grace. By sending these mesmerizing Designer Rakhi online to your brother who lives abroad, he will be awestruck with the traditional motifs in elegant metals that are both lightweight and functional.

Roli and Chawal are the two essential ingredients of Rakhi pooja thali. Both are used to apply the auspicious tikka on your brother’s forehead during the rituals of Raksha Bandhan. This hamper is complete with beauty and healthy elements for your brother to snack on roasted foxnuts are lotus seeds traditionally called in India as Makhana.

6. Beauty Bonanza Gift for Sister’s Skincare Hamper:

Uniquely celebrate this Raksha Bandhan by indulging in a shared skincare routine with your siblings. Encourage a relaxation regimen that results in healthy skin with the help of antioxidants, leaving you with a radiant glow. Clean, nourished skin boosts confidence and gets you ready for photogenic moments with a dazzling smile for you and your smile to share the best of shared time.


The act of giving a gift is more than just a simple exchange. It involves a complex interplay of social, psychological, and emotional factors that underlie our relationships with each other in a family. 

Personalizing a gift can strengthen and deepen these connections even further. If you’re looking for some compelling rakhi set to personalize your surprising gift hampers with. In that case, we offer a range of options, including Family Bonanza with Traditional Moti Beaded Rakhi and Meenakari in an exclusive range of categories.