Did you know that Arkansas has the highest rate of divorce in the country? Unfortunately, not all marriages last forever. Getting a divorce is something relatively commonplace in the United States.  However, not many people understand the reasons behind this occurrence. So, why is divorce so common?  Let’s take a deeper look at the answer.

Many People Get Married at a Young Age:

As you might assume, this is one of the major contributors to a high divorce rate.  People who get married at a young age are much more likely to end up divorced than those who wait until they’re a bit older. This is because younger couples may not have the same level of maturity as older couples, and therefore may be less capable of dealing with issues that arise during marriage.

People Are Living Longer Lives:

The average lifespan of an American is now much longer than it was even a few decades ago. As life expectancy increases, more marriages last for longer periods of time.  This can lead to issues in relationships that may have otherwise gone unnoticed or been dealt with in a timely manner if the couple had separated sooner.

People Are More Aware of Their Rights:

It used to be much harder to get a divorce because there were fewer laws in place to protect those seeking one. Nowadays, however, people have access to much better legal advice and representation when it comes to getting divorced.  This means that people are more willing to go through with a divorce if they feel that their rights have been violated in some way.

Couples Are No Longer Socially Obligated to Stay Married:

In the past, getting a divorce was seen as something shameful and couples were often forced to stay together for the sake of appearances. Nowadays, however, it’s much more socially acceptable to get divorced if a relationship no longer works.  This has resulted in more people being willing to end a marriage if they feel that it’s not working anymore.

Financial Issues:

Many couples also face financial issues within their marriages, which can lead to divorce.  Money is often one of the main causes of stress and arguments between couples and can ultimately lead to them deciding to end the marriage.

Issues With Child Safety:

Not every home is safe to raise a child in.  When couples are unable to resolve issues of abuse or neglect, they may decide that getting a divorce is the best option for their children.

People Prioritize Their Own Happiness:

Today, it’s not uncommon for people to prioritize their own happiness over that of their spouse.  This means that if a person is unhappy in the marriage, they may be more likely to choose divorce as an option rather than staying in a dissatisfying relationship.


Infidelity can also be a cause of divorce.  If one partner cheats on the other, it can damage the trust between them and lead to the breakdown of their relationship. In many cases, even a single incident of infidelity could be too much for a couple to overcome. So, while not every divorce is caused by cheating, it can certainly be a contributing factor. In the event that you end up filing for divorce, you should be aware of the top 10 divorce questions to ask your attorney.

Domestic Abuse:

It should come as no surprise that domestic abuse can also lead to divorce. In some cases, the victim may not have any other choice but to end the marriage in order to get away from the abuser.

Even if one partner is never physically violent, emotional and verbal abuse can still make it hard for a couple to stay together.


Addiction comes in many forms, and it can also be a cause of divorce. If one partner is an addict, they may prioritize their addiction over the relationship, leading to tension and arguments between them and their spouse. This can ultimately lead to them deciding that it’s best for everyone if they just end the marriage.  Common forms of addiction include drug and alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, and even things like social media or video game addiction.

Addiction in any form can put a serious strain on a relationship.

How Can a Couple Improve Their Marriage?

The good news is that there are steps you can take to improve your marriage and avoid divorce.  The key is communication. If you’re able to talk openly and honestly with one another, it can help you both understand each other’s feelings and needs better.  Additionally, couples therapy or counseling can be a great way to work through any issues you may be having in a relationship. Taking some time out from the relationship to focus on yourself can also be beneficial. Lastly, it’s important for both partners to prioritize the marriage and make time for each other.  All of these things can help strengthen your relationship and reduce the chances of a divorce.

No marriage is without its conflicts — however, it is rare that there are obstacles that cannot be overcome.

Answering “Why Is Divorce So Common” Is Simple:

Although it might seem complicated at first, the answer to “why is divorce so common”

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