Want to feel the essence of nature’s love with a relaxing mind? Outside from the busy world, to encounter a splendid refreshing expedition? Then backpack and go to the most beautiful scenic place and enjoy Camping!  It will surely refresh you and give you splendid astonishing moments.

For Camping, Manali is better than any other place. It’s a treasure of Camps and adventures. Here you can choose a breathtaking river Camp on the coastal side or an enthralling adventure Camp or maybe a night Camp. It’s your wish.

But don’t forget, Under the lap of the Himalayas, snow-covered green leaves, majestic valleys, and mountains, a suitable place for a lot of adventurous activities will surely tickle your childish character to be born again and play with the snow and be tempted to do many activities.

Both day and night you will enjoy it. In the morning, you will be able to see the wonderful views and enjoy adventurous activities. At night you will enjoy delicious food with your friends at the same time where sizzling air embraces you while at the same time bonfires warm you, and twinkling stars in the sky with the silence around you make you feel your soul.

So, if you are planning a trip to Manali, I suggest a complete guide on adventure camping in Manali.

Wonderful Camping Places in Manali:

Solang Valley:

It’s really a paradise!! It’s an amazing place for Camping. With snow-clad mountains, beautiful scenic views, and importantly, adrenaline rush activities will really challenge your willpower.

Skiing, Zip car riding, and Paragliding are famous here. If you are an adventure seeker and have the guts to enjoy it then. It will surely fill your thirst!

Tenstsville Camp:

It’s an amazing spot where you can enjoy camping-cum-adventure. Here Stunning mountains, forests having tall pine trees, gushing waterfalls, and a chance to see wild buddies will really give a thrilling experience. It is in Bhanupal dt, Kullu.

Snow Camping in Hampta Valley:

It is located at top of Hampta cliff amidst apple orchards where the camp receives the first and last sunray. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the snowy mountains here. Nearby the camp, you can start trekking or hiking with your friends.

Wild Himalayas Camp:

A Riverside Camp which is situated near the  Kalath village. It’s close to Manali but far away from crowds. So you won’t get disturbed by city life. You will feel the serenity here.

The campsite provides ample comfort and a variety of amenities to adventurers and vacationers, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Approximate Budget For A Manali Camping Trip:

Depending on the season, duration of the trip, and inclusion, the budget for camping will change. From an average point of view, it will cost

INR 1,500 – 2,000 per person for a day. It will include clean accommodation and meals and some adventurous activities like rock climbing and so on. But you might have to pay additional charges for particular activities which will raise your adrenaline rush!

Best Time For Camping in Manali:

Every season will be a good time for Camping here. Because of its charming beauty, it is filled with tourists all year. But the perfect time for Camping is the winter season. White snowfall, fresh air with enchanting sunrise will surely admire you! For a honeymoon, the Manali trip is a perfect choice, especially in winter.

With beautiful landscapes, camping in Manali will give memorable moments with its snowy glory and stunning activities. So get ready to pick your tent and enjoy your time with nature!!

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