Have Disney-obsessed kids but looking for a family holiday that appeals to everyone? Go to New York City. This city has it all, so you can mix and match your trip and fill it with amazing experiences that the whole family will enjoy. 

Kids love going up the Empire State Building or seeing shows on Broadway, and by sprinkling in this fun Disney-themed destinations and activities, you can plan a trip that is fun for everyone.

How to Mix and Match Your Trip: 

Though there are many great Disney-themed activities and destinations in NYC, you’re still in NYC! Make time to see some of the top sights, and even go on tours so that you can get the best experience and see it all.

Go and see the famous Statue of Liberty, go up the Empire State Building, see the museums and galleries – and then also make time for some of the top Disney-themed activities that New York City has to offer. 

Choose one of two Disney-themed activities per day, and then fill out the rest with classic New York City experiences! 

See a Disney Show on Broadway: 

Broadway has put some of the most classic Disney titles onto the stage.

Take your kids to see Aladdin or the Lion King! These shows are immensely popular and are usually on most days of the week, so chances are you’ll be able to catch a show with the kids.

Aim for after dinner so that everyone is full and ready to pay attention. Otherwise, try to catch a matinee showing in the afternoon after lunch. 

Visit the Times Square Disney Store: 

While most towns and cities have their own Disney Stores, there is no store that does it quite like the one on Times Square. It’s big, it’s flashy, and it has everything your kids may want or need as a souvenir. 

Get your kids fun Disney costumes to wear around town, even! Your daughter can dress like a princess while she explores New York City, just like Giselle from Enchanted. 

See Life-Sized Disney Characters at Madame Tussaud’s 

Madam Tussaud’s is world-famous for its wax figures that bring famous people and characters to life. Bring your kids, especially if they’re Marvel fans, as the museum offers a 4D experience that lets you get right up close to your favorite superheroes. 

Star Wars Fans? Go to Discovery Times Square 

Finally, for those who are true Star Wars fans, go to Discovery Times Square. This exhibit is open every day of the week and is where you can see all the amazing costumes in person.

Here you will be able to see Darth Vader’s armor, Queen Amidala’s intricate gowns, and of course, Stormtroopers. They even have digital screens so that you can play dress-up with AR and take some great family photos! 

Find Classic Move Locations: 

There are so many amazing Disney movies that are set in New York City, and if you and your family are film buffs, you can have a lot of fun hunting them down! It’s a great way to explore the city while keeping to the theme of your trip. For extra laughs, try to recreate scenes from the movie with your own family pictures.

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