People have now reached the peak of many improvements. Nowadays in the world of technology, we have some kind of storage system to hold the memory of something. Each storage consists in one way or another. Some are stored on a memory card, some on a hard drive, and some on a DVD. The easiest storage method is DVD. We can store a lot of memory at a very low price and very easily.

Many of us are movie or song lovers. Those who like to watch a lot of old songs or movies at leisure. There are countless different types of DVDs available in the market for such people. But have you ever wondered how so many copies of the same video or song can be made? Many people want to copy their lost DVDs to another DVD. But you can’t find any easy free software.

In the current age of technology, there are many sites on the Internet where free software offers ads. But the software that is seen is being downloaded and installed on your computer as a trial version and they will ask you to buy that software to work on the next step. So it is better to refrain from such sites. If you have searched this article for free DVD copy software, you have come to the right place. Today we will discuss the DVDFab DVD Copy which is useful for you.

What is DVDFab DVD Copy?

You may be wondering what it is. What can be done through it? It is software through which any DVD is copied. With this software, you can copy DVDs for free. If you do a Google search for how to copy a DVD to another DVD you will find a lot of information. But you may not know which of these is correct. You may also admit to many scams through bogus sites. But today we will discuss the software that is available for free. DVDFab DVD Copy is one of them.

How to copy DVDs?

1. To DVD copy with DVDFab DVD Copy, first open the software.

2. Select the correct mode to copy the file. Where there will be files of different formats.

3. Insert the DVD into your computer. The software will automatically run Disk. After that, select the file of your choice by clicking on the add source button below.

4. To customize your selected file, select the name, title, and audio track as you like in the following options.

5. When all your processes are finished, start copying files by clicking the Start button.

Follow the same procedure to take DVD backup.

Rip disk removal:

Some videos are seen a lot of times that cause problems in the copyright issue. Copying files to another new disk is a problem in the copyright market. This requires handbrake DRM removal. This handbrake is a copyrighted company that keeps track of their marketed DVDs to prevent them from being marketed in another way. This requires removing DVD protection. If any video is copyrighted, it is removed. There is a lot of free software available on the internet to remove all these copyrights.

How to Remove DRM from DVD with HandBrake?

1. Download the software according to your system configuration from HandBrake’s official site.

2. Run the software and insert the DVD into the computer. It will automatically detect your video.

3. Once your video is detected, you can select the video in the format of your choice in the next step.

4. Then go to the next menu to set the bitrate of your video file. Here you can input files, audio, and video as you wish.

5. At the end of the process, press the Start button to copyright the video. Here the video will be converted according to the configuration of your computer.

DVD to USB file transfer:

With the current advancement in technology, we have USBs behind DVDs. This allows us to easily transfer a file or video from DVD to USB through various devices. But many of us don’t know how to copy it. You may have searched for how to copy a DVD to a flash drive. If you can’t find the right information, we will discuss it in detail here. Follow the steps below to transfer files to DVD to USB.

1. To copy DVD to USB you first need to add a DVD and USB to the computer.

2. You can copy any file directly from DVD to USB. But in this case, the video or any file can be corrupted.

3. You can use any other third-party app like Wondershare DVD Creator. For this, you have to install and open the software.

4. Click on More DVD Tools below. From where you have to click DVD to video.

5. Then select the DVD to USB Flash Drive Settings option and insert the DVD into the computer. Then plug in the USB.

6. Then select the ISO file from the target. Then select Output type, Copy mode, and Disc label as per your requirement and click on Start Copy.


If you are looking for free software that can easily copy files from a DVD, then the above article is for you. We hope you enjoy the article.