Lord Baby runs a romance fantasy with Cash one of the best-selling manhwas. Unlike other manhwas, it has a very different and unique storyline. It’s a perfect blend of romance, drama, action and fantasy. This spellbinding realm is a gateway to imagination. 

Imagine being reincarnated in a romance novel with magic. Every romance novel reader must have thought about it at least once right? This thrilling webcomic has the story of one such teenager who wants to be a lead in a romance novel. Oddly she even gets a chance to fulfil her dreams. So what happens after that? Did she meet his Prince Charming or does she have a mother like Cinderella

Excited to know all about this manhwa. We got you covered. In this article, we will fill you with every detail about Lord baby runs a romance fantasy with cash manhwa. 

About Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash:

Lord Baby runs a romance fantasy with Cash Manhwa is an adaptation of a Korean novel of the same name written by JU Hyeon and illustrated by Moran. The novel was published by Kakaopage and Choco Media. 

Soon after the release of the first chapter of this manhwa in September 2023 it gained immense popularity and captured the hearts of many readers. It’s still an ongoing manhwa series. The genre of this mesmerizing webcomic is romance and fantasy. 

Characters Introduction:


Elisa is the main female protagonist of the Lord baby runs a romance fantasy with Cash novel. She is a beautiful small princess with soft pink hair like springtime petals and crystal blue eyes like a gemstone. She is a very kind, clever and lovable kid. 

Duke Phearaton:

Duke Phearaton is a very handsome father of Elisa. He has jet-black hair and blood-red eyes. Despite his cold looks, he is a very loving father and a great person. 


Klatie is the cousin and the main antagonist of this manhwa. She is a beautiful kid the same age as Elsia with blonde hair and green eyes. She always envies Elsia and wants everything for herself. 

Brief Introduction On Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash:

The story of lord baby runs a romance fantasy with Cash revolves around a teenage girl Elisa who doesn’t have anyone in her family. She loves to read romance and fantasy novels where the female leads are loved and cared for. It was the only source of her happiness. She always dreamed of having a life like a novel’s female lead. 

Things took an interesting turn one day while crossing the road she got hit by a truck and died. As a deal with God, she was sent back to the world of a romance novel as a female lead to fulfill her dream. 

She got reincarnated in the lord baby runs a romance fantasy with cash novel. Her father is a Duke named Duke Phearaton and a mysterious mother. However, she lives with her uncle as a slave in his mansion as his father Duke Phearaton abandoned her. Things get fired up when one day the Duke comes to the mansion and takes her daughter back. 

So what happened to her after that? Did her life change or get even worse? Here is the spoiler to what happened to Elisa and much more. 

Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash Spoilers

Lord Baby Runs a romance fantasy with Cash has a very unique and captivating plot. This mesmerizing manhwa increases the curiosity of readers with every new chapter release. So here are some lord baby runs a romance fantasy with cash spoilers. 

Despite the Duke being a cold-hearted person he loves and cares about his daughter Elsia. He always keeps her by his side and even gives her a position in his mansion. She also has three handsome older brothers. Readers will see her new life with lots of love and warmth in the next chapters. 

Although her love life doesn’t seem to be going to start soon as she is just a kid. Readers may see her love story in the upcoming chapters as she grows older.

Where Can One Read This Manhwa For Free? 

Readers looking forward to reading lord baby runs a romance fantasy with cash spoilers and manhwa for free can search online. There are many free sites like the Kokoa page on which this webcomic is available in Korean and English languages. All the chapters are available on these online sites and always get updated with the new chapter release. 

Review Of Readers:

Lord Baby runs a romance fantasy with Cash is a perfect choice for romance and fantasy novel lovers. From the release of the first chapter, readers liked and appreciated this manhwa. It has four, five, and nine stars on every site. People are even commenting on many positive things about this manhwa. Lord baby runs a romance fantasy with cash and also has good reviews from readers on social media platforms. 

Is It Worth Reading Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash? 

Lord Baby runs a romance fantasy with Cash a very interesting and fascinating manhwa. It has a perfect spice of fantasy, romance, drama, and action. It has a very alluring and unique storyline. The manhwa is in different languages including English and Korean. It is very beautifully written and every character of this manhwa is pottery perfectly. You should give it a try. 


The Lord Baby runs a romance fantasy with Cash a very enchanting and peculiar manhwa. It’s a fantasy and romance webcomic. It’s the story of a lonely small girl who got reincarnated and how she gets the love and warmth of a family she always dreamed of. 

Despite its ongoing manhwa, it’s very popular due to its beautiful story and illustration. So do read lord baby runs a Romance fantasy with Cash Manhwa to find out what happens next. 

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