My Necromancer Class novel is one of the top novels based on adventure and thrill and has always been loved by readers. Readers loved the first part a lot which made the authors come up with the new chapters of My Necromancer Class novel and make it a trilogy. The three parts of the novel are named, A Born Threat, The Fated Monster, and Undead Craft. All three titles are captivating enough to keep the readers engaged; this is the reason why the novel is gaining huge popularity.

The main attraction of the My Necromancer Class novel is the protagonist Jay, who is struggling to establish himself on a mystical journey. The magical elements, suspense, and thrill keep the novel engaging. If you are willing to read this novel, then this article will be quite helpful for you. Here, we are going to talk about My Necromancer Class novel in brief and will provide you with a full review to inform you whether you should pick the novel to read or not. Let’s get started.

Story of My Necromancer Class Novel:

The main character Jay Hart is one of the driving factors of My Necromancer Class novel. As soon as the story starts, he chooses to end his profession as a butcher and become an adventurer. He is so determined to get swordsman class as he always has worked with sharpening knives and using them. However, things never go how he planned them.

He went to Adventurers Guild and failed to touch the Mana Conduit, but he discovered his utmost potential there. He got to know that he is a necromancer, and this is the time when the story gets exciting. Necromancer is a person who possesses the ability to raise dead bodies to fight for them. He started living with his abilities as he spent his full life with the dead bodies of animals only.

As soon as the story proceeds, he fights with more powerful enemies and levels up his abilities with time. Later, he finds a teammate named Anya who helps him in winning terrific battles and gain new capabilities like healing and restoring power, increasing strength, and many more. The story has a lot more to offer; check out the book to read the full story of The Necromancer Class novel.

Main Characters:

The main protagonist of the novel My Necromancer Class is Jay. He was abandoned as a young boy by his own parents. Now, Jay lives as a butcher in a small city, and his life is boring and quiet. He grows up as a strong man, and although he was weak as a boy, his life transforms him over time. His journey makes him realize that he has to be strong as he has to only depend on himself.

He is vicious when it comes to creatures and rivals and readily lies and initiates to raise his level of character.

Jay eagerly travels to the guild of adventurers on his class awakening day, as he reaches the age of eighteen, to activate the mana conduit and prepare his class for a fresh start as an adventurer. He is unable to touch the magic crystal due to his bad luck, and as a result, he fails the class.

However, he discovers the following day that he is a Necromancer and owns the power to resurrect the dead and command them to battle creatures on his behalf. By conquering the notion that he poses a threat to the whole world, My Necromancer Class, written by Aero, explores his journey to become a powerful person.


Bertram is a lethargic, elderly, and obese businessman who sells guns and eats as if he is a king.  He usually keeps the magical, practical swords concealed by charging enormous sums for useless weapons. As Jay locates the actual, functional weapons and obtains a few of them, he is able to expose his bluff.

Hess, a slave owned by Bertram, is constrained by a quintessence agreement that binds his spirit to Bertram for the entirety of his life. The agreement even forbade Hess from attempting suicide because doing so would subject him to serving Bertram in the life after death as well.


Anya is another adventurer in the novel who is proficient with a crossbow. She is Michale’s daughter, who has been the adventurers’ guild master. She is partnered with Jay in the battle against monsters and is intelligent, charming, and strong.

Jay is initially suspicious of her, fearing that she would exploit him and even suspecting that Michael is using him to strengthen Anya, but over time, her bravery wins him over to her capabilities.

Jay enjoys Anya’s support while he trains and confronts monsters, and she even provides insightful counsel that will enable him to conquer crucial battles.


My Necromancer Class novel is indeed a wonderful novel and every reader should read it at least once in their lifetime. The novel has a lot more exciting elements than we expect from a thriller. My Necromancer Class novel is based on crime, thrill, fantasy, video games, and necromancy, which keeps it different from other novels of the same category.

The author has done a great job of describing the events; you will feel completely engaged with the action sequences throughout the book. The best part about the whole novel is the development of the characters. The way they possess new abilities and utilize them while fighting in battles is just astonishing. Readers get to see all the characters with new abilities in every new chapter and this keeps them excited.

Mystery and suspense are the next big thing about the book that makes the book interestingly awesome. Overall, the book has been portrayed as a video game; you will love the My Necromancer Class novel even if you have never read such books.

Novel Similar to My Necromancer Class:

There are multiple books based on the theory of necromancy, but none of them matches the hype of My Necromancer Class novel. However, if you have completed this novel and are willing to read more books of a similar category, then you can check out “The Necromancer’s Lair”. This book is as great as My Necromancer Class novel and has a very unique and gripping story based on mystery, thriller, and puzzles. 

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