I refuse to be executed a second time spoiler is a fantasy-reign manga series that will blow your mind with its amazing storyline and artistic illustrations. Manga is a graphic novel originally invented in Japan. Back in those days, only the Japanese and people in the surrounding areas got the chance to read the comic.

Nowadays, we can read as many mangas as we desire with just one tap of our fingers, an amazing wonder of the Internet. With an intriguing and long storyline, people can’t resist reading their spoilers. If you’re one of those, then you must check this article out as it has the review, summary, and spoiler for “I refuse to be executed a second-time.”


Before leading on with I refuse to be executed a second time spoiler, one should know the following characters which play an essential role in the manga.

Ella Walker:

A sweet, simple, and innocent girl who abides by all rules and orders of her parents. She is the eldest daughter of the Walker family and carries all the responsibilities on her shoulders. She agrees to marry Prince Gill only because of her stepmother’s orders. Ella cancels the engagement because of her stepmother’s orders as well.


Isabella is the youngest daughter of the Walker family and Ella’s step-sister. She is strong-willed, selfish, and a bit wicked. She is determined to go to any extent to woo Prince Gill as you will read later on in “I refuse to be executed a second time spoiler”.    

Prince Gill:

He is presented as a weak-minded person in the play who doesn’t have his stand in any decisions and lives by following the words others have guided. He doesn’t feel competent to be a prince and finds his position tiring. His character somehow gets ruined, and Gill is seen mending it throughout the story.

I Refuse To Be Executed A Second Time Story Synopsis:

In I refuse to be executed a second time spoiler, the readers are introduced to a girl named ‘Ella Walker’ cuffed and being taken to the guillotine for her exile punishment. While walking towards the guillotine, she was reminiscing about all her days, wherein she followed every decision her mother made for her. She was sad and filled with regret. Her only wish at the moment was to return ten years earlier and fix everything.

No one did anything to help her. Even her fiancé ‘Prince Gill’ and her sister, ‘Isabella’ said nothing. Finally, the time came when the blades of the guillotine were about to touch her neck, and boom! Something happened! Ella’s eyes opened, and she found herself in her room. She pinches herself to check the reality.

Is this real? Her wish to return after ten years gets granted! She couldn’t believe it. The first thing she did was go to her mother’s room and refuse to marry Prince Gill. This time she is determined to focus and give all her time only to her dominion. Will she succeed in doing things right this time? Or, would she end up in the guillotine again?

What Happens In The Latest Chapter Of “I Refuse To Be Executed A Second Time”?

Do not worry if you missed your chance to read the latest chapter, as “I refuse to be executed a second time spoiler” will provide you with that too. The latest released 34th chapter introduces us to a plot wherein Ella is seen guiding the way for Prince Gill in Eastwood’s special ‘The Harvest Festival’.

Soon, they reached the place. He is stunned to see people happily enjoying the festival with their families. What surprises him more is Ella’s familiarity with the inhabitants. Ella seems to be on good terms with everyone there. The people warmly greeted her with a smile.

Seeing all this makes him question his competency as a prince.

Unlike him, Ella is passionate, skilled, and confident, and she works hard for her dominion people. Flashbacks run through his mind. In “I refuse to be executed a second time spoiler”, Gill realizes that Ella possesses all the qualities and deserves to be the Princess, so why not? What do you think the future holds? Will this motivate him to change himself? Or, would he give up his position to Ella?

Where Can You Read It?

If you are someone who likes reading the entire manga, you can read the ‘I refuse to be executed a second-time manga on any free manga site. You can also translate it into various languages easily. Additionally, these manga sites offer numerous mangas with different genres as well.

Final Words:

Reading I refuse to be executed a second time spoiler will introduce you to all the new and upcoming twists of all your favorite stories. You can read various mangas anytime, anywhere, with just one click on your device. How far do you think Ella, Prince Gill, and Isabella’s life would change after this? I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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