Santairiku Eiyuuki manga is a manga series where a young boy Hercule is born into the imperial household of a declining empire. This once-powerful empire, which once reigned over the world, is now on the brink of collapse. 

The public finances are in bankruptcy, the military strength has declined to the point that barbarians are able to wreak havoc on their territories, and neighboring countries are squeezing the empire for tribute payments every year.

As the story begins, Hercule is forced to take over the empire at the young age of 12. Despite his reluctance and initial confusion, he is told that he cannot run away from his duty as emperor. Hercule is initially overwhelmed by the responsibility and the enormity of the task ahead of him, but he soon realizes that he possesses knowledge and skills from his previous life that he can use to help rebuild the empire.

Santairiku Eiyuuki Manga Story:

Hercule sets out to reform the empire, starting with the tax system. He recognizes that the current system is heavily skewed towards the wealthy and that the common people are bearing the burden of the empire’s financial troubles. He works to create a more fair and equitable system that will help to alleviate the financial troubles of the empire.

Next, Hercule sets out to revolutionize the industry in Santairiku Eiyuuki manga. He recognizes that the empire has been relying on outdated and inefficient methods, and that new technologies and techniques are needed to help the empire become more productive and competitive. He works to introduce new technologies and techniques and to create a more efficient and modern industrial sector.

Hercule also sets out to reorganize the public finances. He recognizes that the empire’s financial troubles stem from a lack of proper management and oversight and that a more effective and efficient system is needed to help the empire get back on track. He works to create a more transparent and accountable system of financial management and to put in place measures to prevent financial mismanagement in the future.

In addition to these efforts, Hercule also works to rebuild the administration and to reform the military system. He recognizes that the empire’s administration is corrupt and inefficient and that the military system is outdated and ineffective. He works to create a more efficient and effective administration and to modernize the military system.

Santairiku Eiyuuki Emperor:

Through these efforts, Hercule is able to restore the Lemurian empire to its former glory. He becomes known as the “Divine Light Emperor,” and is remembered in history as the great monarch of the three continents. He is able to bring peace, prosperity, and stability to the empire, and his legacy lives on for generations to come.

Overall, “Santairiku Eiyuuki manga” tells the story of a young emperor who rises to the challenge of restoring a declining empire. Through his determination, leadership, and ability to think strategically, Hercule is able to bring about a powerful and lasting change in the empire and its people. 

The manga is a fictional story but it touches on many important issues such as leadership, governance, and historical fiction, which can be very interesting for readers who enjoy such themes.

Santairiku Eiyuuki Demon:

Asmodeus is a powerful Great Spirit in the underworld and one of the 72 High Ranking Great Demons. She holds the status of “King” and is ranked in 32nd place. Asmodeus is known for her mastery of deception and illusion and is able to pull tricks in battle. 

Her Spirit Art is so powerful that it surpasses the environment and can deceive even the texture of the world. She can also cause targets to hallucinate that they are trapped in a fake reality that she has created.

In the series “Santairiku Eiyuuki manga,” Asmodeus has formed a contract with the protagonist, Hercule, as an aid in his life. As an aspect of lust (Succubus), Asmodeus is able to support and advise Hercule in matters of love. The contract between the two of them is a part of the Demonic Pact Technique.

Empire In The Santairiku Eiyuuki Manga:

The Lemurian Empire, where the story takes place, relies heavily on Spirit Arts, a specialty of the Elf race. Unlike magic, anyone can use Spirit Arts as long as they have formed a contract with a spirit, and unlike mage craft, they do not require complicated calculations or chanting. 

Spirit Arts have many advantages, but they also have one major drawback: the necessity of forming a contract. The content of the contract varies from individual to individual, but all contracts require the use of magic power. This is why Magecraft, while similar, consumes less magic power than Spirit Arts.

Hercule possesses Inheritance magic, which is transferred from one person to another, and the owner can designate the inheritor. Unlike bloodline or innate magics, Inheritance magics are unique. 

Hercule’s “Imperator” magic has been passed down through generations of Lemurian Emperors and serves as proof of legitimate imperial succession. The magic gives Hercule psychological domination over the Lemurian Empire.

Because of the benefits of Spirit Arts, they are highly valued in Lemuria. They are useful for weather forecasts, agriculture, and fishing, among other things. It is thanks to Spirit Arts that Lemuria became a powerful empire. Hercule’s “Body Enhancement” magic is a common one, but even magics with the same effect can have different ranks.


In summary, “Santairiku Eiyuuki manga” is a series that centers around a young boy named Hercule who is reborn as the emperor of a declining empire, and uses his knowledge from his previous life, as well as the help of a powerful Great Spirit named Asmodeus, to help restore the empire to its former glory. 

The story is filled with themes of leadership, politics, and fantasy. The Lemurian Empire relies heavily on Spirit Arts and Hercule possesses unique Inheritance magic. The story also explores the concept of contracts with spirits and the use of magic power.

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