The thing Melvin left behind for them is a novel that narrates the story of a family that is obliged to face the horror that resides within them, deep in their hearts. The family has recently been noticing odd and incomprehensible events occurring around them right after their father passes away. 

Soon, they start suspecting the death of their father as it does not seem like a mere accident anymore. As a result, they realize the truth behind the death of the father must be uncovered to make sure that it does not lead to destruction in their lives. In this article, we are going to reveal some amazing The things Melvin left behind them spoilers. Let’s start.

The thing Melvin left behind for them is a page-turning book that keeps readers pondering right up to the very last page. I found myself rooting for the characters as they made their way through the perilous seas up ahead because they were well-written, and I enjoyed reading about them. 

Not only this but the settings in the narration are also wonderful and enable the readers to visualize each scenario quite clearly.  The Thing Melvin Left Behind was an excellent read on the whole, and it could be suggested to almost any kind of reader seeking a nice book to read.

The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them: Background

The book The Thing Melvin Left Behind For Them is authored by a novelist named Michel Houellebecq from Canada. The novel was released in the United States and France on 9 October and 10 October 2009, respectively. The protagonist of the novel is Michel. He is a Parisian executive in charge of advertising who is disenchanted with modern society. Michel wishes to get back to his roots and traditional values. 

One evening, while out hanging out with friends, he encounters a fascinating woman by the name of Isabelle. She introduces Michel to an underground organization that aims to return French society to its ancient traditions. This vision captures Michel, who passes the following months travelling and meeting others who share his viewpoint. 

But sooner, he realizes that the movement simply serves as a disguise to hide the real agenda of the members associated with it. Michel discovers his disagreements are intensifying with people around him as soon as he discovers the truth.

The Thing Melvin Left Behind For Them is the strongest political piece so far. The novel has also been a reflection of the societal changes that took place in France in the late 90s and early 20s. Critics have given the book varying ratings; some have appreciated the style of writing, whereas others deemed the ideas to be uninteresting and repetitive.

The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them: Story

The survivors of a horrific pandemic that decimates the majority of the world’s population must devise ways to stay alive. Holden Caulfield, a 17-year-old, is among the final persons on Earth in The Thing Melvin Left Behind For Them. He has spent months living in the remote compound owned by his family while he waits for the virus to reach its conclusion.

However, Holden makes the decision to look for them after hearing stories that some individuals are still living away from the chaos. He encounters other survivors on his way and learns how precarious life has turned out.

Let’s check more of The things melvin left behind for them spoiler through the chapter summary.

The Thing Melvin Left Behind For Them: Chapter 1

The setting of the novel is the fictional Mount Desert Island. The book starts with the investigation by the police, who are asked to check the body that was found on the beach. Melvyn is recognized as the victim. He was a local business owner and had lately gone missing.

The police immediately begin looking for this guy after learning that Melvin was also meeting with a notable figure the evening before he went missing. They learn that he will be seeing an old buddy, but they are unsure of who it might be. The police also find out that Melvyn had a dispute with his partner in the business, though they are still trying to figure out why it occurred.

Confrontation in The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them

A crowd of Westport residents assembles around the smoking remains of Melvyn’s business as dusk falls on the community. Winter is approaching, and months have already passed since there was any merchant in the city. People are now eagerly waiting for any kind of news. The residents of the community each tell a tale about a time when Melvyn came to their rescue.

One elderly woman recalls how Melvin provided her with meals when she had nothing to eat.  Another individual remembers how every time he used to have difficulty, Melvyn provided him with sound counsel. Susie, who is only a young child, remembers how much pleasure it was to play with Melvyn at his place.

Everyone starts to spread out and head back to their houses when the last of the light leaves the sky. Susie stays still for a brief period of time, observing as the fire gradually goes out as she watches it. She ponders whether she is ever going to see Melvyn once more or not.  She glances around when she senses footsteps in her direction and sees an elderly man approaching her. He smiles kindly and is donning an old brown suit.


The novel The thing Melvin left behind for them is a psychological thriller that will be surely found to be compelling by the readers. The tale will surely keep your interest all the way through. This book holds your attention from start to conclusion with its action-packed plot and gripping tension. The Thing Melvin Left Behind: A Novel is a worthwhile purchase if you’re seeking an exciting book that will keep you engaged throughout. Give it a read!

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