Assassin x Cinderella Ch 1 was a blast soon after its release. People were so amazed by the unique and fully fresh story of this manga. 

What if you find your loved ones are not who you think they are? It’s hard to believe, right? This manga is a roller coaster of thrill, suspense, and dangerous romance. The twists and turns can be seen in Chapter 1 only. It’s a very captivating manga that has bound its readers from the start. 

Assassin x Cinderella is an ongoing manga written by Yuzo Natsuno. If you like a lot of enemies-to-lovers romance tales, then it’s the perfect manga for you. It’s a perfect combination of Ecchi and Shojo manga. It’s a spark plug romance between an assassin and a spy. 

Although most manga readers found the 1st chapter of this manga very captivating, some might find it confusing to understand the plot. If you are looking for an explanation for its 1st chapter, then you are in the right place. We will provide a brief explanation of Chapter 1 and a lot more information about the manga series. 

Brief Summary Of Assassin X Cinderella ch:

Assassin x Cinderella Ch 1 is a very captivating manga from the start. The twisted plot grabs the attention of the readers within no time. The story revolves around a girl named Haiiro Neneko who is a spy. Her new mission is to act as the lover of an assassin to spy on him. Everything was going smoothly as planned until our male protagonist Minoru reveals he knows about the true identity of Neneko. 

What do you think must have happened next? As an assassin, he must have killed her right? However, he gave the most unexpected reply to her that she couldn’t believe. Keep reading to know more about his reply which made Cinderella speechless and how they fell in love. 

Characters Introduction:

The characters crafted by Natsuno in the manga Assassin x Cinderella Ch 1 are very intriguing and powerful. So here is an introduction to these amazing characters. 

Haiiro Neneko:

Haiiro Neneko is the female protagonist of this Shojo manga. She is a spy whose new mission is to spy on an assassin as his lover. She is a very charming and alluring girl. It took her no time to impress him with her beauty. She is the perfect combination of a cute face with a blazing personality. 

However, readers might get a little disappointed witnessing a spy having comparatively low strength and defenseless acts of Neneko. A plausible explanation of her character might be to leave room for the love plot. Nevertheless, the readers might get to see a plot twist to see her in action. 


Minoru is the male protagonist of the manga Assassin x Cinderella Ch 1. Since his real name hasn’t been revealed yet in the manga we are going to call him Minoru. 

Minoru is an idol character with a deadly combination of perilous and confident personality. He gives the vibes of beauty with brains. He knows exactly what his next move will be and the black clothes he wears enhance his good looks even more. 

Despite his dangerous personality readers will find a drastic change in character as he turns from a killer to a lover for Neneko. Even after knowing the truth about her, it will be engrossing to read how he fell in love with her. 

Assassin X Cinderella Ch 1: Genre

Assassin x Cinderella ch 1 is a combination of bad romance, action, and drama. It has the most unique plot twist. It’s a Shojo and Ecchi manga. Shojo means romance manga in Japanese whereas ecchi refers to erotic manga tales. So in this manga, the readers will find an abundance of romance and kiss scenes. It’s a perfect manga for thrill lovers who are looking to read something like this. 

Assassin X Cinderella Chapter 1 Explanation:

Assassin x Cinderella Ch 1 serves as the foremost and important base for the twists and turns of this manga. It has an alluring start which will make the readers curious to know more. 

First Plot: The Unveil Truth:

The first plot of this manga gives a brief introduction to Haiiro Neneko. She is a spy who is acting as a lover of the assassin to reveal his true identity. Whereas the male protagonist is an elite assassin. He is very strong and with a bad man’s personality who never gets captured. 

In the start readers can see a happy romantic relationship between them until one day the assassin whispers in Neneko’s ear he knows the truth about her disguise. Furthermore, he says he knew it all along but decided to just play along. 

Second Plot: The Unexpected Twist

The most unexpected thing happens next which leaves Neneko and the readers in shock in Assassin x Cinderella ch 1. After her cover was blown she was expecting to be dead by morning but nothing went as she thought. The assassin acted very normal and they went to sleep on the same bed. 

Things got more confusing for her when instead of killing her he was showing love to her. The assassin made delicious food for her and kissed her. As it’s an ecchi manga the readers will find some kiss scenes. The next thing he did was very unpredictable as he proposed to Neneko to marry her. 

Assassin x Cinderella ch 1 is a rollercoaster of thrill and surprises. To know what happened next you have to read this manga. 


The Assassin x Cinderella manga has a very fresh and unique story. It has action, romance, and a lot of plot twists. The readers can experience the rollercoaster of thrill and love from Chapter 1. The deadly combination of a spy and an assassin love story will bind you.

It will leave you with the eagerness to know what’s going to happen next. It’s going to be very interesting to see how Neneko faces every challenge and makes the right decisions to change her destiny in the manga Assassin x Cinderella ch 1. 

What is Assassin X Cinderella manhwa about?

Assassin X Cinderella is an ongoing shojo or romantic manhwa. This spicy and thrilling manhwa is about a handsome assassin and a beautiful spy. It’s a tale of how their hate turns into love.

Where can one read Assassin X Cinderella Ch 1 for free?

Manga enthusiasts can read the Assassin x Cinderella ch1 on many manga online sites for free. You just need to type Assassin X Cinderella and many different sites will open. Select any one site and enjoy reading this alluring manga.

Is it worth reading Assassin X Cinderella?

Assassin X Cinderella is a very thrilling and interesting manhwa. It’s a shojo manga and enemies-to-lovers tale. So every manga freak must read this ravish manhwa.

When will the next chapter of Assassin X Cinderella be released?

Assassin X Cinderella is an ongoing manga so it’s always hard for the readers to wait for the upcoming chapters. All the free online manga sites upload the latest chapters online for free as soon as it’s released.

What is the genre of Assassin X Cinderella manhwa Ch1?

Assassin x Cinderella ch 1 is a perfect blend of romance, action, thrill, drama, and smut.

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