Tencent QQ is China’s most popular online instant messaging service. An analysis of QQ’s business plan and tactics will be the focus of this study.

As a part of that discussion, it will look at Tencent QQ’s competitors and potential threats. And you don’t need QQ messenger spy to realize just how much buzz it the app has been creating.

What is Tencent QQ? 

Chinese people are highly familiar with the term “QQ.” QQ has more than 800 million registered users worldwide. It has become so popular in China that it has had an impact on the lives of millions of people.

Internet-based instant messaging service QQ is offered by QQ.com. Tencent Holdings Ltd, a publicly-owned holding company whose subsidiaries provide internet and mobile phone value-added services and manage online advertising services in China, is the most popular product of Tencent Holdings Ltd.

QQ Tencent was created in 1988 and has developed tremendously during the previous decade. Tencent Holdings Limited went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s main board on June 16, 2004.

In China, Tencent is by far the most popular and widely utilized online service platform. Expo 2010 Shanghai, China’s official online service sponsor, is sponsored by this company.

Strategy for Tencent QQ:

Tencent has a long-term goal of becoming the world’s most admired online company. The company’s long-term strategy has been to build a national brand.

Tencent QQ has a very particular plan in place to raise awareness of the company’s brand. To begin, it offers a wide range of supplementary goods and services under the QQ brand to maximize the power of the network.

A premium membership option is also available to keep people engaged. It has even attempted to go beyond China’s success; it has gone global.

QQ-related products:

Using their QQ login credentials, readers may read Qzone, a blog hosted on the QQ network. The blog’s design is completely up to the user. Some are free, while others require payment in Q currency, which we’ll cover in more detail later.

Unlike Facebook, Qzone focuses on social interaction and personalization. It was only through Qzone that people could truly express themselves. QQ has developed a variety of services, including backdrops, music players, banners, fonts, and more, to allow users to decorate their area in any manner they see fit.

Tencent defines it as a “next-generation customized multimedia arena”. The fact that it is China’s most popular social networking site can be attributed to this. 

Paid Membership: 

Companion items provided by QQ are not usually offered at no charge. While a simple QQ show costume could be free, a more elaborate one could cost you. Because of this, QQ provides a premium membership option. “Diamond” is the name of the membership service.

Some of QQ’s sub-features are available free of charge to users who have purchased a subscription. As a result of this, QQ has created seven different types of colored diamond services, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the service.


MSN, Sina UC, and Baidu Hi are all direct rivals of Tencent QQ in China’s instant messaging market. Even said, because QQ provides so many related online services, businesses including Chinese anti-virus software, online TV, and online retail sites may directly or indirectly compete with QQ.

The recent litigation between Tencent QQ and Qihoo 360 software has garnered a lot of attention from the general public.

Toward that end, Tencent aims to be the world’s most trusted internet company. The word “respected” means that Tencent must not only be a business leader but also have a beneficial social impact.

QQ has already taken full advantage of its market dominance and aggressively expanded the firm, reaching into every nook and cranny of the internet service sector. It had to deal with a lot of controversy and criticism during the process.

Tencent QQ’s biggest challenge now is to maintain a positive image and to prove that the corporation also cares about the community in which its consumers, workers, and investors reside.

It also has to be wary of allegations that it aids espionage through a virtual in-built QQ messenger monitoring using spy app for android.