A college education is valuable. It can help you find a career that is financially rewarding and satisfying. It also helps you be a better and more informed citizen. Today, with the Internet, online degree programs are available along with traditional on-campus classes. When choosing a college, it’s important to evaluate your options carefully. Accreditation is helpful. 

Accreditation Defined:

Accreditation is an evaluation of an institution performed by an independent third party. It involves assessing and rating the effectiveness of the institution in achieving its goals and its performance to clients. In the case of a university, the students. 

A group of professionals, such as the Grand Canyon University accreditation team speak with provosts, deans, professors, and students, as well as examine records to make a determination on the quality of the education provided by the university. This is helpful to prospective students as well as potential faculty members. 

Accreditation Agencies:

The U.S. Department of Education oversees the various agencies that perform accreditation. These agencies often specialize in a particular type of school such as medical, law, or business. The accreditation team gives the university a letter grade ranging from an A+ down to a D. Only schools with a grade higher than a D are accredited.

For a student choosing a university, these grades are available online and can be found with a simple search such as for Grand Canyon University accreditation. The student can use the grade and any comments made to help in the process of choosing which colleges to apply to. It also helps the institutions as good ratings help build a solid reputation that will attract more students and faculty.

Attending college can be a great boost to your life. Choosing the right university is essential to get the most out of your education. Accreditation is a helpful tool to help students assess their options.