Starting off on social media today might be hard: especially if you are well aware of how tough the competition among bloggers is. But, thanks to today’s progress, you might also be well aware that if you’d use several helpful promotional tools, you can overcome all of these obstacles pretty easily and start monetizing your content almost from the very beginning of your online path. How do you do it? How does a chance to buy Instagram followers cheap help in it? Let’s figure it out!

Method 1: Free Activity Chats And Commenting 

If you’re not yet in the mindset of investing in your page to get a nice payback later, you might want to start from the free methods of promotion. But we have to warn you from the very beginning: these take lots of time and effort from you. 

For example, activity chats are the chats in Telegram and WhatsApp where content creators gather to show each other some support: they exchange links and ask each other to like the posts and comment on them, and some people even agree to become each other’s, mutual Instagram Followers. 

This is helpful, this is a very nice free promotional method, but the effect is going to be temporary. Usually, most content creators unsubscribe after a while, so you have to keep in mind that in the future you’d have to replace that effect with some other service or natural success.

Commenting is also nice if you want to interact with the audience that is going to be pre-interested in what you’re putting forward on Insta. Go to the pages of bloggers who have reached success in your or the neighboring niche and leave comments on the pages of their posts. 

There you will be able to interact with their Instagram Followers and maybe make them interested to go and check out what you’re posting in your profile. However, this method also takes quite a lot of time and is not that easy in terms of personal effort. 

Method 2: free mutual PR 

This one is great for those who don’t want to spend money as well and for those who already were able to gain some subscribers on their page. These people can find some bloggers who have approximately the same number of subs and offer them to “exchange” the audiences by telling about each other on their pages. 

You tell about them and vice versa; both of your audiences learn about both of you and subscribe if they are interested. As result, you’re getting bigger pools of subscribers and contact to make such collaborations more often in the future. 

Method 3: Purchasing Subscribers

If you’re now in the mindset to get greater results in a shorter period of time and at an adequate cost, this one for you. Thanks to the development of the social media promotion sphere, today you can easily buy real Instagram followers and forget about the worries if your account getting enough subs over time. Using this service won’t make a hole in your budget, and if you’d buy quality subscribers, you will be able to not only increase the actual count of subs but will also highly improve the statistics.

What do we mean by quality subs? These are the Instagram Followers that are actual people who are using IG every day and who have their bio filled and their feed stacked with pictures. These are not bots and fakes that some companies claim to be real Instagram Followers, no, these are people who are keen on working with a promotional agency for a reward. 

However, it might be hard to find such a website: you’d have to check reviews, read about the experiences that other people had with them, and only then make your own decisions. If you don’t have time for all of that, you can use the links that we have given you in previous paragraphs – these are going to save you time, money, and effort. 

Method 4: a targeted ad. 

Of course, you cannot do without it. But we’d recommend using targeted ads only if you have done everything else that you could – built up a base using bought subs and turned to bloggers for free mutual PR (and maybe even for paid ones from the bigger influencers). 

Only then can you set a targeted ad that’s going to bring you great results: because people who will come to your page will clearly see that your profile is interesting and appealing to many others. 

Make sure to start slow and check the settings before you’d put a decent amount of money into the targeted ad: you have to first test it on a small or medium audience reach and then slowly add to the number when you’re sure that everything works fine. 


Use all the methods you can to affect the speed and the quality of your Insta page’s development – thanks to today’s progress, you have tons of tools to do so. With all of them playing in your favor, the results won’t make you wait. 

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