Now a day, fraud cases related to debit cards and credit cards are very common to see. We often hear fraud cases related to digital transactions and identity theft in the newspapers or on television. The digit increases day by day. That is why we always get the instruction not to share any private information with an unknown person, especially over the phone. It is the most ordinary trap for a person and gets all the information related to bank details and credit cards.

However, awareness becomes much high after hearing this kind of fraud case. People try to avoid such calls who are asking them to share their bank or credit card details with the name of know your customer service excuses. Nevertheless, still today the innocent people face such problems. They fall into the trap of frauds and then within the next few minutes, all the money vanished from their bank account.

Therefore, one should have to be very careful and ignore such a call to avoid this kind of situation. There are many ways from where a hacker can hack your all-personal details such ways are malware attack, cyber extortion, cloning, cyberstalking, identity theft, etc.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is stealing all the information or data from your phone or computer and from the banks. If you are not aware of the present situation and share your bank details with an unknown person most over a call then it is a very crucial thing. The hacker will try to convince you to provide the details with them and if you do so then you will become bankrupt.

There are groups of people in this society who always in search of innocent people and make them a victim of this trap. Identity theft also referred to stealing all the personal documents of an individual. Most in our phones, we kept all our personal and financial and from there a fraud illegally steals all those things. Therefore, it is very vital to keep all the things safely and securely to us.

A fraud person applies all the tricks and methods to trap a person and snatches everything from them. Identity theft is a crime and for it, one gets punish for two years of imprisonment if they will get an arrest and you file a case on them.

Few Traps Set By Frauds At ATM

There are some specific traps that fraud plans for a person who comes to ATM to withdraw money. Now I am going to discuss with all of you the tricks of the frauds. Let us have a quick look at this matter.

1. Hidden Camera:

Mostly the hackers fit a hidden camera in the ATM room and whenever a person comes to the ATM through the hidden camera, the hacker watches every movement of that person. Moreover, they see all the numbers and pin codes that secure the credit card. Soon after, the hacker tries to go to close interaction with that person and steal their card without their realization.

2. Fake Keypad:

The hackers set a fake keypad on the ATM and take all the card numbers, details, and even the pin codes of the debit and credit cards. They fit the false keypad so efficiently that for common people it is impossible to understand whether the keypad is genuine or not. Thus, like this way without the conscious people fall into the trap of fraud.

3. Card Skimmer:

In the ATM, the hacker fits a device, which records all the things of a card, and whenever a person puts a credit or debit card on the ATM, suddenly it took all the details. In the card reader slot there, set put this magnetic device so that it will be easy for them to catch all the information.

4. False Front:

Another most difficult thing is to detect whether the front of the ATM is original or false. The false front completely covers the original front and from there the hackers get all the information about your cards.

5. Shoulder Surfers:

We often see some people are roaming around the ATM. Probably they are the peers of the hackers and keep their eye on you. Whenever you face any problem with the card in the ATM, they will come to assist you and after that see the pin code of your card or steal the card.

What To Act If You Meet This Type Of Situation?

In case your cards are stolen or your individual data gets hack, do not do any online transactions. Call the customer care number of your bank, inform them about the case, and immediately seize the card. After that go to the police station and write an FIR of your missing card or data hacking.

How To Realize Signs Identity Theft

There are some signs from where you can understand this misfortune. Let us look at those signs briefly.

A: Not Receive Any Household Bills In Mail

If your own information gets hack then you will receive any billing mails to your mail. The hacker will change the address of your bills and compel you to face trouble.

B: Turned Down Loans

You will be rejected for loan sanctions from the banks even if you pay or clear your previous loans. On the other hand, if any banks accept your loan and at a higher interest rate, then this might be a case of identity theft.

C: You Will Receive Bills Of Purchasing Products

We often hear that a person victimizes a hacker, and gets a bill of a few purchasing products, which they do not even buy. It is just because of the individuality theft, and someone else buys products from your names. This is the way or sign to realize that you are trapped in identity theft.

D: Will Notice Test Charges On Your Cards Statement

After getting the private in sequence leaked, you will see additional charges for your debit cards or deduction of your cash from your credit cards too.

Some Tips To Defend Yourself From Identity Theft

Now I will give you all some tips to keep yourself to safe and secure your delicate information. Let us have a look at those tips.

1. Use Passwords:

For each of your personal data secure, try to use or keep it safe with passwords. We often neglect this consciousness and forget to set passwords to our phones and laptops therefore anyone can access the data from there easily. In addition, eventually, we face identity theft.

2. Avoid Shady Websites And Links:

Do not open the random links that offer you a bulk of money or open any shady website. If you do so then the hacker will hack everything from laptops or phones including all the personal things, bank details, and documents.

3. Do Not Share Personal Information:

Never share your information with an unknown person. They might be a hacker and come to you just to take all the information on your personal. Therefore, one should be very careful around the people who stay or get in touch with such people.

4. Check Daily Credit Reports:

It is important to check regularly the credit reports of your bank and regularly keep your eyes on the credit updates.

5. Mix Up Your Passwords:

Do not go for the easy passwords to secure your laptops or phone. Therefore, try to mix up your passwords with hard letters or numbers. Therefore, nobody can decode passwords. Even, the best way to secure your data or bank details is by changing the passwords frequently.

6. Secure Papers With Personal Information:

If you put some individual information to keep safe and secure then the documents and files will remain more safely.

7. Take Helps Of Fraud Alerts:

Try to take the help of the fraud alarming apps or software so that you will be notified before hackers stealing your information.

8. Limit Your Exposure:

Do not show yourself much with others or on social media, if you do this then it will be easier for the hacker to track you soon. Thus, keep your life private as much as you can.


Therefore, here I mention a few things about identity theft, how to keep you safe, from this trap for you all. Try to follow these things in your life to remain secure.