The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers is one of the interesting stories that keep you glued to your screen. The manhwa/manga has grown quite popular and is being searched by readers/ fans all over the world.

Mangas or Manhwas are graphic comics or novels which originated in Japan dating back to the 19th century. There are multiple genres of manga that are enjoyed by readers of all age groups. They come in episodes/installations which are published either weekly or monthly.

Earlier the manhwa was limited to Japan and the neighboring countries only, but with the advent of the Internet people in any part of the world can access it with just one tap on their screens. In this article, we will discuss some of the spoilers of the popular manga ‘The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave’.

Story Synopsis:

The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers, is a story of an orphan boy, Damien Clider, and a girl, Ellie. Ellie was the daughter of a popular female thief who caused a lot of ruckus in the town. The girl’s mother tried to steal things from the Earl’s Mansion and was arrested and eventually hanged to death. 

The boy, Damien Clider, was the son of Duke Clider. Duke Clider was popularly known for being the owner of the empire’s largest trade union. The Duke was far wealthier than the Royal family which made the Emperor furious. His secret jealousy resulted in a blood battle leading to the ultimate death of Duke Clider.

After the death of Duke Clider, the adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers took a dramatic turn when the boy Damien became a slave. He did some odd jobs like hunting monsters in bleak-dark places and followed all the orders of his master to be alive. His master loses him to the orphanage’s director in a gambling game.

Then, Damien was moved to an orphanage where he met Ellie. Ellie was a sweet and generous girl who saved Damien from being bullied by other orphanage boys. She also helped him from the cold. Damien wants to return the favor by saving Ellie from any danger that arrived which eventually resulted in him developing some feelings for her.

The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave Spoilers

In the adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers, we can see that there is an age gap between Ellie and Damien. She was two years older than him. Because of this, Ellie tried to call him her brother. Damien instantly denies being called a brother. To which Ellie reminds,’ I am thirteen years old and you’re eleven. 

Later, the will of Damien’s father Duke Clider has been found. They will state that all the wealth and fortunes were given to his friend ‘Duke Erhard Schuetz’. Duke Schuetz was popularly known as the Slayer on the battlefield for being the Ruler of the North.

There’s a mention of a precious stone in the manga. This stone is called Mana. The stone holds some mystical powers and is used by people to use these magical powers. Only a magician can produce mana stone as the adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers.

The Director of the orphanage mentions it foremost as she has some of it. Ellie steals the Director’s mana stone to cure Damien’s fever. However, the director somehow comes to know about it.

Does Duke Schuetz Succeed In Finding Damien Clider?

Duke Schuetz succeeds in finding the blue-eyed and black-haired boy Damien as he had a blue mana stone. He knew that the stone would glow immediately if came near Damien. He traveled to a lot of places in search of the boy.

Lastly, he visited the orphanage where there were five blue-eyed and black-haired boys. As the stone got near Damien, it glowed brightly proving him of being the son of his friend Duke Clider.

How Does Ellie End Up Being The Daughter-in-law Of Duke Schuetz?

Lately in the adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers, Ellie got her hands on a book through which she gained knowledge of all future happenings. This book stated a story closely related to that of Damien with a female lead named Ashabel.

But, there comes the interesting twist as Duke Schuetz wanted to adopt her (Ellie) as his daughter-in-law i.e. Damien’s wife. 

After a bit of denial and revolt, she agrees to it but on her conditions. She wanted to improve the condition of the orphanage’s kids. So, she demanded that all the teachers must be removed, only then she can come with them.

What Would Happen In The Upcoming Episode?

A new character Viscount Corbino is introduced. Corbino didn’t like the idea of Ellie being Damien’s wife as he secretly wanted a Trade Union. With his Blue Hope mineral (which is a mana stone of his territory), he obtained information about her mother and strives to use it against her.

He made a perfect plan of proving her the same thief as her mother and eliminating her from his path of the adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers. He ordered one of his maids to unawarely put Blue Hope Mineral in Ellie’s pocket.

When everyone assimilated, Viscount imposed an allegation on Ellie for stealing Blue Hope Mineral. Her pockets were searched but no traces of the stone was found. 

Next, Duke Schuetz wanted her to be adopted by Royal Family as he thought of it being the safest and best option for her. So, he offers her a choice to select among the Royal families. She eventually chooses Baron Amanda.

However, Baron Amanda didn’t want to adopt any child. What do you think will happen next? Will Amanda adopt her or will she live forever as an orphan? To find out, do read the spoilers!

Final Words:

The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave / Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Be Abandoned / I Don’t Want To Be Duke’s Adopted Daughter-in-law is a famous fantasy romance drama manga that has been searched by lots of people online. The story is about an orphanage boy, Damien, and a girl Ellie.

Damien and Ellie meet in an orphanage where Damien develops feelings for her. But, they both get adopted by different families. How do you think this will affect them? Will Ellie Succeed in running away in the adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave spoilers?

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