Heard about that which flows by manhwa? It’s been the talk of the town among the manga enthusiasts since its release. It has a unique and enticing storyline that binds its readers. This ongoing Korean manhwa piques the interest of readers with suspense, drama, romance, and historical setup. 

Imagine being amidst the jeopardy that you never wanted to encounter and feared the most. It’s like a nightmare coming true right? Something very similar happened with Dani, the female protagonist of this manhwa. She confronted death when her shop was attacked and burned by bandits.

 However the main fear unlocked on encountering the main threat, the Northern Ghost or the male protagonist. So how did she survive and what happened next? How did this fear turn into an undying love?

Curious to know? Then stick with us to unfold the captivating story, spoilers, and much more about that which flows by.

About That Which Flows By:

That which flows by or Dabi Flowing Dizzyingly is an ongoing Korean manhwa created by Soft Corn and Eunbi Lee and illustrated by Irang. The manhwa is published by Naver and gets updated every Friday. This webtoon is adopted by the web novel with the same name. The chapters are released in many different languages including Korean and English every week.   

The Plot Of That Which Flows By: 

The story revolves around a young Jurchen girl Dani who runs a tea shop on the outskirts of old Seoul Korea Joseon. Things took an interesting turn when bandits attacked her and General Seo or the northern ghost saved her life. That which flows by is a historical realm with a roller coaster of twists and turns. So fate took her to Hanyang in Joseon where she served tea to Seo.

However, she concealed her identity and disguised herself as a citizen of Joseon. Why? She had no choice but to do this as the rumors have it that General Seo is a ruthless person who assassinates every Jurchen regardless of age or gender. 

On the other hand, life is very harsh for General Seo as his tragic childhood haunts him every day. The curse and blood lust of his enemies never let him sleep peacefully at night. So what does that which flows by will hold for Dani and General Seo? How will fate bring them together in this adversity?  

Characters Introduction:


Dani or Daniola is the female protagonist of this manhwa. She is a Jurchen girl with long beautiful brown hair, pale skin, and big brown eyes. She is a perfect example of beauty with a brain as she can speak many languages and runs a tea show all on her own.

Gyeol Seo:

Gyeol Seo is the male protagonist and general of the king of Joseon. He is a very charming tall man with dark black eyes and hair. He is a very strong and talented man. Despite his tough act, he is soft inside.

Seon Lee:

Seon Lee is the main supporting character of That Which Flows By. He is the humble king of the Joseon dynasty who brought Seo back to his birth land.

Major Spoilers Of That Which Flows By:

The Beginning:

This renowned manhwa starts with the introduction of Joseon’s king Seon Lee. He ordered Seo to return to Joseon from the north. To this many king’s scholars resented but the king was determined. In the next scene, Dani is introduced. She runs a tea shop in a remote area and knows several languages. She is also very very beautiful.

Dani scares a kid who was his regular customer with the ghost story of the North. She then slept unconsciously by getting tired. Next thing when she opened her eyes her shop was burning to ashes.

The Unwanted Beautiful Encounter:

In the second chapter of “that which flows by” things take an interesting turn. When Dani opened her eyes, her shop was on fire as some bandits had attacked. She was rescued by the so-called north ghost aka General Gyeol Seo. On asking about her identity she lied. as the rumors had that Seo killed everyone who was not from Joseon. 

Moreover, she had nowhere to stay now so Seo took her in. Despite all her fear she accepted the proposal and they started their journey to Joseon.

Preparation Of The Perfect Tea:

Seo wasn’t able to drink water due to his childhood trauma and drank only tea. So he appointed Dani as Dabi or tea maker for him. It can be seen in that which flows by that she accepted work as it was better than dying. She has to prepare tea for him five times a day. So she started to learn how to brew the perfect tea.

The Unknown Pain Inside The Heart:

The love starts to bloom between them one day Seo’s mansion is attacked by some bandits and Dani is captured by them. They threatened Seo they would kill her on which he said he couldn’t care less about Dani. So Dani saved herself by attacking the bandit with the dagger given by Seo.

However, Dani felt pain in her heart by this behavior of Seo. Nevertheless, Seo felt the same pain in his heart and Dani was in his mind every time. This is the beginning of the sweet but dangerous love story in “that which flows by”.        

Where Can One Read That Which Flows By Online:

Looking to read “That Which Flows By” online? Individuals can search on the internet for this manhwa. There are several websites on which it is available. Choose any site like mangabuddy and enjoy reading it. Individuals can even purchase the web novel online or offline.  

Final Thoughts:

That which flows by is an ongoing Korean manhwa. The innovative plot, unique storyline, and unexpected twists are attracting a lot of readers. It’s a very captivating and engaging manhwa. This historical realm is an unparalleled blend of romance, drama, thrill, and mystery. That which flows by is perfect for manga enthusiasts looking to read something fresh and thriving.

Is that which flows by available on the internet for free?

Yes, that which flows by us is available on the internet for free. Individuals have to search for this manhwa online and many websites will open. Choose from any of these websites for free manhwas.

To what age is “that which flows by” suitable for reading?

That which flows by contains some violent scenes so it’s recommended for children below thirteen years not to read this manhwa.

Is it worth reading that which flows by?

That which flows by is a perfect blend of action, comedy, romance, drama, thrill, and suspense. So it’s a paradise for every manhwa enthusiast.

Who is the writer of that which flows by?

That which flows by is an ongoing Korean manhwa written by Eunbi Lee and illustrated by Irang. It’s published by Softcorn every Friday in Korea.

When will the second season of “That Which Flows By” be released?

Since the first season of this manhwa ended a while ago people are eagerly waiting for the second season. However unfortunately there is no confirmation by the makers for the renewal of the manhwa that which flows by.

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